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Message from Our Lady to Kay

Rosary Prayer Group Message from Our Blessed Mother – Adoration After Mass – St. Ephrem – October 10, 2023

“My sweetest children:

I bring you many blessings for being faithful in your prayers.

The many prayer groups throughout the world are receiving many graces because of the prayers they are saying that include all of our children throughout the world, as well as praying for the salvation of souls.

I ask that you continue to pray for the crisis going on in the world. Pray for the Mercy of My divine Son upon our children, who are dying needlessly at the hands of evil men and those who want power and financial gain at the cost of war. These are critical times in which you are living.

My child, I warned you last year of the evils that would begin with the new vaccines as well as the plagues that would consume your world. I also spoke of the Rome Synod that would begin this year [2023]. The agenda of this Synod will cause great confusion and division within My divine Son's Church. Pray, pray, pray for those of our priest-sons who have lost their way, and pray for the Holy Father for he will suffer much.

It is true that the tribulation has now begun and the whole world will be devoured by the evil agenda of the New World Order. Your world will suffer and the turmoil will be of great pain and suffering.

My children, Heaven has brought many warnings to our children and we have asked for prayers against these evils, but instead of heeding and listening to our words of warning, our children have strayed away from My divine Son. They have lost their way and our children have failed to show spiritual direction in leading their families with the tenderness of love, praise and honor to their God. Our children have chosen the evil ways of your world. They have taken advantage of My Son's love for them and they continue on the pathway of spiritual danger. I ask that you turn to My Son and offer your repentance with a sincere heart. Go to Confession as often as you can and make reparation for the offenses against your God. My divine Son will always act with His Mercy, until He must act with His Justice.

The pains of sorrow will be felt by all of our children, as the good will suffer with the bad. These are crucial times in which you are living and your Heavenly Mother asks you not to give up, but I ask you to continue to surrender all of your distress and hardships to Jesus and allow Him to free you of your burdens of self-reliance. Open up yourself, so that He may guide you with His wisdom. If you do this, you will have a profound sense of peace, purpose, and alignment to His will.

My children, you will have a difficult time in choosing a path that you are unaware of what the end result will be. You have a habit of wanting to control your own lives, but as you are aware, things happen that are out of your control. The unknown can be scary, but when you surrender and accept it, you will experience that things work out better than you would have planned. Worrying does not change the outcome of anything; it only wastes time and energy. There is strength in surrendering to the Will of the Father. My divine Son will never abandon you and He will help our children carry their crosses and the burdens that many of you are now facing. I ask you to have confidence and trust in My Son, for He will never abandon or forsake our children.

Please remain steadfast in your prayers and sacrifices. Come before your Heavenly Mother, because I love all of my children and I hear all of your prayers and pleas that you bring before Me. I will place all of your petitions at the foot of the Holy Cross of My divine Son. I will open up my motherly Mantle of Protection and place each of you and your family under the Mantle of My Protection.

The outbreak of the plague is already upon your world and soon it will travel quickly. I advise you to use the antidotes given by My Son. I thank you for taking the time to make the Good Friday Oil, which I gave to My children a couple of centuries ago. Thank you for your generosity in sharing this holy oil, which My Son has now made as the antidote for the ill effects of the vaccines; but it is also the antidote for all future plagues. I ask you to share this precious holy oil with our other children, who are less fortunate not to have been able to make it, or those children who have not heard about this holy oil.

My dearest children, we have warned you to prepare for the evil threats against humanity – through famine, engineered pandemics, financial instability, and man-made catastrophic disasters – which could cause unimaginable loss of life. We have asked you to prepare for the famine by storing food, water and essentials that will be needed. We have warned you about the engineered pandemics and have given our children the proper antidotes, through preparing with natural herbs and holy oils. Our directives and warnings to our children are out of love for our children. Our calls of conversion to you over centuries of warnings have been ignored, and, as a result, the tribulation has now begun.

Your world will suffer an economic collapse with instant financial chaos, and that is ready to become a reality. Our children will suffer through natural and human-caused disasters, which can affect millions of people. Man-made disasters can have an element of human intent to destroy your earth and its people through volcanoes, droughts, landslides, floods, wildfires, earthquakes. When these traumatic events occur, the tragic loss of life will be horrific; there can be incidents of mass trauma, disease outbreaks, and civil unrest. Fears of war now grow after the surprise attack against Israel. The atrocities of violence. airstrikes, and artillery strikes continue to kill victims of all people including women and children ruthlessly and damage all homes of the residents.

Pray for your country and its people, because chaos will soon ensue and there may be no time to recover before other incidents occur. Have confidence and trust in My divine Son, for He will never leave or forsake His children who come before Him with a contrite heart. Be strong in your faith and do not give up.

I ask you to pray for the Holy Mother Church, because she is about to be cleansed. Her purification will go through the fire of pain and sorrow.

My children, these words are not to bring fear into your hearts, but it is prayer groups like yours that can make a difference through mitigation of these chastisements and can bring about the salvation of many souls.

DO NOT FEAR, DO NOT WORRY OR HAVE ANXIETY about my words, because your prayers as a mother, grandmother, aunt or uncle can protect your family. Pray the Rosary daily as well as the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

I, as your Heavenly Mother, will place you and your family into the love of My sorrowful Heart.

I bless you in My Son's Name.”


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