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Jennifer (no last name given to protect the privacy of her family) is a young mother and homemaker in the United States. She has had two priests as spiritual advisors since the beginning.

Jesus started to speak a few very soft and gentle words to her at Mass in April of 2001. Her husband did not hear the words. This continued every Sunday until in July of that year she asked who the voiced belonged to and what he wanted. Jesus said, “I am He who came to shed the sins of the world.” She did not understand what these words meant, and she felt like she was going crazy. She prayed hard that God would take it away because she did not know who she could talk to about this and thought people would think badly of her.

In November of that year, while at Mass, Jesus spoke to her and said, “My child, look up, My chosen son before you is the one who is chosen to guide you. Now go forth and tell him these words I give you.” She was very happy that Jesus told her who she could talk to, yet she again was afraid this priest might think badly of her. She did not respond for a couple of months until it was placed heavily on her heart that she needed to speak with him. She called him and said, “This will most likely be the strangest phone call you will ever receive, but I am hearing this voice that told me that I am supposed to call you and tell you these words.” That night she felt very alone and that she needed to go to Mass and be comforted by Jesus, because His voice brought great peace to her heart. This same priest offered Mass that night. She introduced herself and she and her husband went to the priest’s office, and she told him everything that Jesus had said to her.


On January 27, 2002, she and her husband met with the priest again and she told him everything that Jesus said. He urged her to write down everything she heard from Him. For a year she did so but would get frustrated and thought that she was going crazy. In February of 2003, she prayed and asked that if it was coming from God that He give her a sign. On March 3, 2003, at 3:00 p.m., Jesus said, “My child, I want you to write down this message for the world, for you are My chosen instrument. Do not fear, for fear does not come from Me, for I have been preparing you for this mission.”

Jennifer has received well over 1,700 messages. Some are personal, some are for her spiritual advisor, and some are for the world. She says, “I begin to hear the first words over and over until I write them and then Jesus will give me the rest of them. I write down the date and time and number the message. I feel completely at peace when I hear Jesus. I am never in fear because his voice sounds so loving. He tells me all the time that if mankind only knew the depth of His love...”


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