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Kay – “the horrible events that will soon cover your world” 

Message from Jesus to Kay

Mass of Reparation – April 15, 2024

A short time after Father began his homily, Jesus began to speak:

My Children:

Do you see why I am so pleased with My priest-son?  This son of Mine speaks the truth and holds the attention of those in attendance.  Most of My children here this evening do not hear these truths from the pulpits of their own churches.

America will no longer be protected by the Father, nor His Son.  Recently, it has been because of My beloved Mother’s pleading to the Father for the protection of America that the Father has shown His Mercy on your nation.  My beloved Mother's tears had brought great sorrow to My Father’s Heart.  However, My Mother can no longer protect America through her appeals because the leaders of your nation – along with many of Our other children – have failed to show any remorse [for sins] against human dignity or the value of human life. (Kay: America is the country that Our Lady dearly loves.) 

Every human creation of My Father is made in His image and likeness and these creatures are a unity of body and soul.  A reflection of God should be found in those He created.  Unfortunately, you are now living in a sinful world that violates human dignity by allowing the sin of abortion to rule your country.  This killing of the innocent is affirmation of your sick and inhuman appraisal of God’s creation, and these consequences of immoral choice will bring down many chastisements on your nation.  The sinful exploitation of human trafficking for self-gratification along with monetary gain is vile, detestable, and despicable in My eyes. And your contemptible and arousing attitude of moral indignation will hold you accountable and punishable by Me – the free will choices of these sinful and heinous actions will send you to the eternal flames of Hell.

My Father, who is all LOVE, can no longer watch the sickness of hatred with such immoral and despicable actions of desecrating the morality and patriotism that this once-great nation believed in and followed. Their love of their God has also diminished and been taken over by the love of self-gratification of the evils that this world now possesses. 

My child, there are so few of My faithful children left and so few to pray for the reparation of sinful men, but My Mercy is infinite and I long for even ONE prayer to save these lost souls.  Do not give up on your prayers for the reparation of mankind. I need these prayers, because every day, every hour, every minute there are lost souls falling into the eternal flames of Hell.

Your country has never felt the hunger that many nations have had to endure, but a famine will come to your world and this once-prosperous America will not only feel hunger, but your country will feel the pains of the plagues of sickness.  You will suffer the loss of wealth through the greatness of what God had bestowed upon your country.  God took care of all your needs and the ability to enjoy them.

Your nation never would have had to go outside of your land, because the Almighty provided you with all the material blessings and the resources that its citizens needed to survive.  You were provided with abundant prosperity without any help from another nation.  All of these blessings of wealth were a means to fulfill God’s purposes and impact the lives of those around you.  

Unfortunately, instead of Our children doing good and storing up treasure in heaven, they worked through greed and power while storing up their treasures on this earth. Many of Our children did not share their wealth with those in need unless they would profit from it.  I came upon the earth to teach you about the value of sharing and loving your neighbor as yourselves. 

My children have no idea as to the horrible events that will soon cover your world.  Disaster after disaster will occur and it will be a domino effect – you will not have time to catch your breath before another incident occurs. Attacks against your country will happen and war will fall upon your land and you will feel death and destruction all around you.

Get on your knees, My children, for these events are at your front door.  Why do you separate yourselves from God?  Why do you follow the evils of your world?  You are being deceived and My children will reap what they sow.  There are consequences for your sinful actions.  Your sinful ways have ruptured your relationship with Me and the impure cannot stand in the presence of God.  My judgment will be without My Mercy, but now I ask you to come before Me while you still can.  Ask for forgiveness and I will pour My Mercy upon you with gentleness, peacefulness, purity of love that will be filled with My Mercy.

I love you, My children, I did not come for the righteous, but I came for the sinner.  I am here waiting for you and I desire My Mercy for you.  Now My Mercy is full of compassion for all of My children if they repent of all their sins and come before Me with love in their hearts.

I do not want these things to happen to My children, but they refuse to listen to the warnings given by Heaven throughout many years.  What more can I say to you?  How much more do you need to witness before you turn your lives over to the God, who loves you with the purest of love?  (Kay: I feel the pain of Jesus’ Sacred Heart and tears are falling down His Face.)

I have warned My children about tremendous earthquakes, and when this occurs the seas will unleash a fury so strong and the waters will rise higher than you can ever imagine. These earthquakes will strike the ocean’s floor and will cause mega tsunamis that will crush and take down buildings higher than 100 feet.  Many of My children will die instantly and lifeless bodies will be everywhere.  There will be fast-rising floods that will destroy the coastal areas of your country.  I have warned My children in previous messages that those who live near these coastal areas, to move to much higher grounds.  There will also be volcanoes that will spew fire, and the lava will fall into the ocean’s floor and cause great tsunamis as well.  The landscape of your nation will no longer be recognizable.  I warn you that these events can no longer be averted, but with prayer and sacrifice these events can be mitigated.

I am not bringing these words to you to discourage nor frighten you, but how long has Heaven been sending warnings to Our children to turn their lives back to God?  My children, you will be afflicted in every way, but not to crush your spirit; perplexed, but not to drive you to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not to totally destroy you.  Do not allow temptation to overpower you.  Your God is faithful and He will not allow you to be tempted beyond your ability.  Trust and have confidence in Me; bend your knees in prayer and I will show you the way to escape, so that you may be able to endure all that is coming. There will be much persecution during these evil times and many will die for the love of their faith in God.

My children, I am a God of hope and I want to fill you with the joy and peace in believing, so that the power of the Holy Spirit will bind you in hope and not despair.  Do not become anxious about anything, but turn to prayer and supplication in everything, and, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God, so that He may help you in all things. 

I have taken care of everything for you, and when your lives are in danger My Warning will come and this will be a peaceful time, there will be time for My children’s conversion.  The faithful children will be led to My refuges within a six-week period and you will be safe from all harm while at these refuges.  These refuges will have a seal of spiritual protection and invisibility around them.  I will supply all of your needs for those who remain faithful and I will guard your hearts and your minds. Those who remain faithful to Me will find My faithfulness as your shield from danger, and I will protect you from your enemies as you flee to the refuges.

My Holy Eucharist is spiritual nourishment needed for the body and the soul of My children, yet many do not even realize that they are consuming the True Presence of My Body and My Precious Blood.  Many come unprepared with their souls and it has become just a formality rather than an expression of love, gratitude and adoration for their Jesus. I advise you: no one come to receive My Holy Eucharist in the state of mortal sin, because you will then commit a sin of sacrilege.

There will soon be changes of deception and more betrayal coming within My Church, and it will bring more irreverence toward My Holy Eucharist and against the Laws of God and His Commandments, as well as the contempt and lack of respect for My Holy Cross.

Children, WATCH, WAIT AND LISTEN to everything that is presently taking place within My Church and watch as it unfolds, because it will be then that My faithful priest-sons will go underground to celebrate the proper and True Mass for My faithful children.

I am the foundation of My Church and no one will make unlawful changes that will go against the Laws of their God or the Traditions of My Church without full repercussions.  Those of My children who make any changes that will cause a schism within My Church, or those who follow these unlawful changes, will be cast into the pits of hell by their own free will for sinning against their all-benevolent God.

There has never been an ERA such as is happening in your world today.  It is an ERA that will continue to bring dishonor and irreverence toward My Holy Eucharist as well as the Holy Cross, which brought SALVATION to mankind (1).

These Masses of Reparation that are being celebrated around your country have given many graces for those in attendance, and at times the blessings of the Sword of St. Michael have given you protection for many of your family members as well.  These graces will give strength to you in the upcoming events that will be difficult to endure.  The crisis of faith will be severely tested – far greater than ever before.  The lack of faith will pave the way for worse betrayals than are currently going on within My Church.

Pray, pray, pray for My priest-sons, as the evil one is continuing to prepare his tactics to weaken My sons and My children who feel spiritually empty.  Satan will weaken them and cowardice will overpower them and they will deny their faith.  Prayer and sacrifice are very important for the hierarchy, bishops and priests of My Church. 

I am watching the dominance of control of those in authority by using their power of repression of My faithful priest-sons, who are rightfully denouncing the abuses that continue to go on within My Church.

Many of these faithful sons of Mine have suffered unjust persecution at the hands of their own superiors, and they have been ostracized and ridiculed for their faithful submission of their priestly vocations and the vows that were in compliance with the authority of their God and the laws of His holy Church.

I am allowing this ongoing charade in order to separate the sheep from the goats.  I will put My sheep on My right, but the goats on My left.

I have infinite love for all of My children, and I will pour out My Mercy upon them when they come before Me with true repentance and love in their hearts. My grace will be sufficient for My children, and My power is made perfect in your weakness – so I say to you, “Let My Power rest upon you and let Me fill you with My Grace.” 

Go to Confession as often as you can, because each time you receive absolution you will receive Sanctifying Grace and this grace is a gift of God’s life and it is infused by the Holy Spirit into the soul to heal it of sin and to sanctify it. 

I say to those who will remain faithful to their Jesus: when you enter into the refuge, I will give you a future and hope.



Note from Kay: Because of the length of this message from Jesus, a description of other things seen during the Eucharistic Healing and during the Mass will not be included here.  These images and visions during the Eucharistic Healing and the Mass are very similar to those described in messages from previous Masses of Reparation.


(1)   Webmaster: He brought the opportunity for salvation. All mankind received this redemption, but to be saved one must accept this invitation to salvation through repentance and conversion so as to be saved at one’s death. Hence, redemption and salvation are two different but related things.


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