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Fr. Michel Rodrigue

Fr. Michel Rodrigue

Fr. Michel Rodrigue is a priest in good standing in the Diocese of Amos in Quebec, Canada. He is also the Superior General of a new religious order he started, the Apostolic Fraternity of St. Benedict Joseph Labre. He is the youngest of 23 children in his family, which is similar to the family of fellow mystic, St. Catherine of Siena; she was the youngest of 25 children. His family was a poor, farming family.

At the age of three, Michel started to receive messages from God the Father. At that age, he naturally thought, like St. (Padre) Pio before him, that all people interacted with God like him. Michel was catechized by Him for years. Fr. Michel now has a doctorate in theology. He was told at three that he would be a priest, and in 2009 he was told to start the new religious order and to build a monastery, and he has been faithful to doing these things. 

My opinion is that Fr. Michel is being used by God, in general, as a popularizer of messages similar to those given to John Leary. His affable disposition and use of YouTube rather than a conventional website give him a wider audience. But he, like John Leary, has had minor issues with his bishop, but these have seemingly come to nothing after Fr. Michel publicly rectified them. [John Leary, like Fr. Gobbi was forced by the hierarchy to put in his books that the messages are the fruit of personal prayer; they both obeyed because their missions are too important to let a small matter like that lead to further ramifications for their private revelations. Both Fr. Michel and John Leary are in good standing with their bishops as a result, as Fr. Gobbi was regarding his private revelation and the hierarchy. The truth will come out in the end. Faith and trust in God, and obedience to the hierarchy is how all three reacted.]

Back to Fr. Michel: much, much more can be said. This is just the very basics. However, one more thing needs to be mentioned. Fr. Michel’s authenticity as a mystic was attacked by Dr. Mark Miravalle and Rev. Dr. Joseph Iannuzzi. Professor Daniel O’Connor refuted Dr. Miravalle’s errors here:  . Peter Bannister, MTh, MPhil, refutes Fr. Iannuzzi’s errors here: and here: In conclusion, the more one knows about Fr. Michel Rodrigue, the more reliable and believable this private revelation becomes.   

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