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John Leary

To quote his website: “John Leary lives near Rochester, New York. He is a father and grandfather. He has both a spiritual director and a pastor who confirm that he is emotionally balanced and a Roman Catholic in good standing. John has attended daily Mass and received Holy Communion every day since he was 17 years old, excepting sickness. He has been receiving messages from Jesus and Mary since his 1993 trip to Medjugorje.” He has been conducting a weekly prayer group – first in his home and now in his parish – for 36 years.

This humble, kind, low-key, and peaceful man is now in his 80s. His wife of 58 years is Carol; she is his intrepid supporter and partner in his apostolate of receiving and spreading the messages, which almost invariably are from Jesus. They have travelled the world with the messages, which focus primarily on physical preparation and the “refuges” – miraculously safe places for the faithful during the reign of the Antichrist. He receives the locutions daily, which warn the world – in particular the United States – about what may happen if we do not change. John Leary is obedient to his bishop. He is free to publish the books of his messages, travel around the world to speak, and to have online meetings.

As you can see from above, he is a model Catholic and not the type subject to delusion, especially considering the fact that his long career was as a successful scientist. It is the messages alone that have made him controversial in the eyes of the world, which refuses to accept that we are living in the Book of Revelation now. Also, Jesus reveals things to him that seem unbelievable precisely because the Illuminati and secret societies do everything possible to brainwash mankind into thinking they and their activities are harmless and good. Really, Jesus pulls out all the stops with the messages He gives through John’s inner locutions. Jesus opens up the Book of Revelation and so people “attack the messenger.”

John Leary spiritual director

However, it is not God’s Will that we know it all, so Jesus over the years often covers Himself by saying this may, might or could happen, so we are still left wondering. Most often the prophecies about the future are realized, but it is not just a rhetorical device. We learn from Jonah that mitigation and change can happen if we respond to God’s warnings. In any case, despite the sensitive and pastoral way Jesus speaks, these messages are not for the faint of heart. It seems clear that they are the most challenging and disturbing of all the messages heaven has ever given through private revelation. Are we to wonder, then, if men attack Mr. Leary? How many of the Old Testament prophets were mocked and worse?! John the Baptist didn’t fare too well either; neither did Our Lord. Time will prove the authenticity of these messages. It already is… Jesus told John Leary that by the time people believe in these messages, it will be too late…

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear” (Mt. 11:15).



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