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Mass of Reparation – January 15, 2024

Jesus begins to speak as Father begins his homily:

“My children:

I want you all to know that, as My priest-son speaks on ‘OBEDIENCE and UNITY,’ it is important that you realize that the virtue of Obedience and the trait of Unity are both signs of Humility and if you do not live your lives with these important attributes, you will find no peace, but rather conflict; you will have no love, but the presence of hatred and you will not seek out forgiveness for the sinfulness or injury you may cause others.  

I ask you to listen to My priest-son’s words, because he speaks of the Gospel of today, in which you see the difference between the lives of Samuel and Saul.  Both of these men, when starting out, had both love and obedience in their hearts.  However, Saul soon became a man who lost his humility of heart and began to disobey the Will of God.  The temptation of evil began to fill his heart and he soon began to rationalize his disobedience to suit his own agenda.

My children today are following Saul’s way of thinking and they then lose their humility and obedience and begin to follow their own will instead of submitting to the Will of God. Once the sin of pride begins to take over, My children no longer keep oneself within one’s own bounds and sin then becomes your way of life.

I ask My children to follow the example of My beloved Mother, who always thought, spoke and acted with humility.  She pleased her God by always being a Servant of the Lord. If My children practice the virtue of humility as did My beloved Mother, then you will acknowledge that your talents and abilities are gifts from God and you will know where your true strength lies. 

Obedience and unity, along with humility, enable My children to break out of every selfish tendency and turn their love to the good of others. My children, I want you to remember that humility is the foundation of prayer and it is a quality by which a person considers his own defects and willingly submits himself to God and to others for God’s sake.

I watch My children continuously rationalize their personal acts of sin, but there are consequences of sin and it ruptures your relationship with Me.  The sins of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony – along with other sins – bring death to the soul. These types of sins are offenses against reason, truth, and right conscience.

Many of My children continue to ignore the Sacrament of Confession and rationalize that they are good people and do not intentionally harm anyone.  The Sacrament of Penance was a Sacrament that I Myself instituted for the remission of sins committed after baptism. Through this sacrament, your sins will be forgiven and you will reconcile with Me, because you are renewed through the absolution of My priest-sons.

I warn My children that the punishments soon to come upon your world will be devastating and catastrophic and it is important to be in the State of Grace when these events occur.  Although My children should remain in the State of Grace at all times, because you do not know the hour or day when you will be taken for your eternal judgment.  However, when the events of punishment and/or chastisements come upon your world, many of My children will not be able to withstand these events of pain and sufferings.  You will feel the pain of suffering so great through the devastation of sickness, famine, financial ruin, loss of your freedoms, and wars.  Soon you will feel the earth shake and you will tremble with fear at the loss of life through these earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, fires, and the darkness of your world will be great.  Evil is abounding and I ask you to be watchful and strengthen yourselves through My Sacraments.  I will come like a thief in the night and you will not know the hour that I will come upon you.

Listen to the words of the Holy Spirit, because He will lead you into all truth and will glorify Christ. In Scripture He will inspire you. In prayer He will intercede for you.  He manifests His Holiness and continues the work of salvation.  The Holy Spirit is the ‘One’ whom the Father has sent into your hearts, the Spirit of His Son is truly God; He is inseparable from the Father and the Son.  

The time is near when My children will witness and experience all that is written in the Book of Revelation.  Be faithful to your Lord and Savior and I ask you to stay in the State of Grace and remain humble of heart and help your neighbors in these times of disaster.

Look to My Church and when you see and hear the evils that are not only spoken, but acted upon as heresy, and threaten to undercut the foundation of My Church at its root through Sacred Doctrine and Tradition, as well as those against the True Magisterium of My Church, I say to you: ‘DO NOT FOLLOW THESE HERESIES.’  There are already those of My priest-sons, as well as the Hierarchy of My Church, who are no longer guarding or protecting My One, True, Holy, and Apostolic Catholic Church against the evils and persecutions of her enemies. THE GATES OF HELL WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST MY CHURCH.  I AM THE HEAD OF MY CHURCH AND SHE WILL ALWAYS REMAIN FIRM AND CONSTANT DESPITE THE VICIOUS ATTACKS OF HER ENEMIES. 

I say to those who remain as the Faithful Remnant: embrace and preserve the Sacred Traditions and Doctrines, Holy Scripture, and True Magisterium of My One, True, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.  Remember that there will be great persecutions; you will see her suffer through idolatry and she will suffer and endure many means of heresies through wicked men.  Do not follow the heresies and denial of the truths that have been defined and proposed by the Church as divinely revealed doctrines. I say to you, My children: ‘Believe in the Written Word of God and in Sacred Tradition,’ because they never cease to teach and celebrate this fundamental truth: ‘The world was made for the glory of God.’ Pray for the Grace of God to be freed from the power of darkness and brought into the realm of the freedom of the children of God, to which all men are called.”

I suddenly see St. Michael glide over to the podium, and he kneels on one knee showing reverence to Father.  He strikes his Breastplate with his hand and he stands and glides over to the center of the Sanctuary.  As Father begins the “Sword of St. Michael Prayer,” St. Michael, lifts his “Bold and Beautiful Sword” up towards his face and turns to his right side and outstretches his sword and blesses those on the right side of the church, and then he turns to his left side and outstretches his sword and blesses those in attendance on his left side. I heard St. Michael say: “To all those attending these Masses of Reparation throughout your country, I promise to bless all those in attendance and give them my special blessing of protection. I am here to DEFEND THE ONLY HOLY, CATHOLIC, AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH and to PROTECT THE CHILDREN OF GOD.”  

Father now begins to retrieve the Holy Eucharist in the lunette for the Eucharistic Healing Service.  I see Jesus right alongside Father and Jesus glides next to Father as he comes to the kneelers where people have lined up to receive the Eucharistic Blessing of Healing.  As Father places the lunette onto the forehead of the first person, I see Jesus place His hand on top of Father’s hand and it immediately becomes infused into Father’s hand, and it is at that point that I see a beautiful radiance of light and it shows me the great significance of how Jesus works through His priest-sons and how these priests represent the likeness of Jesus and that it is truly Jesus who is giving us this Eucharistic Blessing.

As each person kneels to receive this beautiful Blessing of Healing, Jesus always has this beautiful, radiant smile on His face and I can see the pure love that Jesus has for each of His children.  I now hear Jesus speak and He says: “I am here for each of My children who come before Me this evening and I am so grateful for their true faith in Me through this blessing and promise to pour out My Blessing to them in a way of Healing that they will need the most. These blessings that I give to My children this night may be of a spiritual, physical or mental healing. It may even be a healing for a loved one that they are praying for.  I ask My children to be patient, because this healing may not come this night, because more prayers may be needed, but have faith that your prayers have been heard.”

When the Eucharistic Healing Service is complete, Father washes his hands and the “Offertory Prayers” begin, and once these prayers are concluded Father is ready to proclaim the praise and thanksgiving of the Father before the prayer of consecration begins. We know this as the Liturgy of the Eucharist and there are times when Father holds up the Eucharist during the Consecration that I see the radiation of Light so bright that I cannot see Father (I do not witness this very often, but when I do, it is amazing).

After the reception of Holy Communion and once I completed my prayers of thanksgiving, Jesus said that we “must pray continuously for the Reparation of sinners, because many of these sinners do not have anyone praying for them, and without repentance or sacrifices and prayers for My Mercy upon them, they might not be saved.”

“My children, prayers for My Divine Mercy are needed greatly and with your faithful prayers for reparation of the sins of mankind, I will be compassionate and gracious and My Mercy will become abundant in mercy and truth. Pray for forgiveness for these lost souls, because My Mercy is endless and My compassion inexhaustible.

I love all of My children and I ask that you pray for sinners in most need.  Come before Me with a contrite heart and there is nothing that I will not forgive.  Pray the Divine Mercy for your nation and the Rosary for your families. Do not forget to pray through My beloved Mother’s intercession, because she loves all of her children with a pure and perfect love.

I bless you in My Father’s Name.”

I hear nothing further.


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