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Kay – “this year is a very important year for this Feast Day”

Message from Jesus, Mary, and St. Michael to Kay

Mass of Reparation – March 18, 2024

As Father begins his homily, I see St. Joseph standing behind him holding his staff. St. Joseph smiles and he said that he will continue to look after Father and be there for him whenever he prays to him for direction and guidance.

Jesus speaks:

“My dearest children:

My priest-son provided a very good homily and spoke well regarding the disturbing side as well as the spiritual side of a very heavy and heartfelt topic. I want My children to pray against these attacks on both sides of the spectrum.

I have mentioned in many of these messages that I do not want My children to make judgment against anyone, no matter how grave the sin, whether it be anyone within My Church or their own friends or neighbors.  I have said many times, ‘Judge not, that you not be judged.’ Whatever you say in judgment, you will pronounce the measure of judgment upon yourself, as you judge others. I say to you again: do not judge the condemnation of others or their behavior.  You must remember that I am the only judge and whatever I deem necessary as judgment will be justified and by My words they may be condemned.

Appreciate this Lenten Season and I ask that you offer up all that you can through your sufferings, crosses and burdens for the salvation of souls.  This is called ‘redemptive suffering.’  I ask you to offer these sufferings in unity with Me.  Your sufferings are a powerful way to become Christ-like, especially when you accept your crosses with love. This could also include your own family members who are struggling to survive in these most desolate times.  Pray for your family’s strength and courage as well as your own during the debilitating times ahead.  My children, you must understand that when I give you trials, I am giving you an opportunity to try and attain holiness through your crosses of suffering. I tell you that your hardships are not without purpose.

My children, the cup has been overflowing for many years, but there is no more time left.  The events of devastation, destruction, financial ruin, famine, plagues, and many tragic and catastrophic events will very soon affect you. You will feel the earth shake with a force as never felt before.  There will also be a much greater war ready to strike against many nations and through these evils of great powers, they want to massacre much of humanity and are ready to rise up against you with great strength and power.   You will feel the earth shake with a force as never known before. Pray for the mitigation of these events.  You can no longer avert any of these chastisements, but you can lessen the punishment of them.

My children, pray, pray, pray for one another and maintain your faith and trust in Me.  I ask you to reach out to those in need.  Nourish your faith through My most holy Eucharist and practice corporal works of mercy by helping one another.  Bear witness to your faith and follow in My footsteps.  Do not allow fear to take you over, because I will never forsake those who turn to Me with trust and confidence in My love for them. 

The final earthly events are to fulfill God the Father’s plan for the redemption of His children. You need to continue praying your Rosary and read Scripture and through your readings, you will learn about the end times and you will learn that you should adhere to Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture.  I ask you to stand firm and hold to the traditions that you were taught by My Apostles, and through Scripture you will learn faith, trust – and understand prophecy of these end times. You will also learn of the persecutions of My Church and the faithful, and the final unleashing of evil at the end.

I want to talk to you about the Great Feast Day of Divine Mercy Sunday and mention to you that this year is a very important year for this Feast Day. (1) I do not want any of you to miss the opportunity of participating in the celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday.  Please take advantage of the blessings and graces of this day.  It is My gift of Mercy and Love.  It is on this day that the floodgate of My Mercy will be open to sinners and I want My children to take this lifeline of opportunity for the faithful to open themselves up to My abundant Mercy.  My Divine Mercy will help you in the midst of your suffering and sin.  Celebrate the feast on the Sunday after Easter – sincerely repent of all your sins, place your complete trust in Me, receive Holy Communion on the day of the Feast, and go to Confession and I will pour upon you a great grace of forgiveness of all sins and the removal of all punishment due to sin.  Remember that you must not have the stain of unconfessed mortal sin on your soul when receiving Holy Communion. You must go to Confession before receiving Holy Communion – your soul must be in the State of Grace before receiving Holy Communion.  (We should not receive Holy Communion if we have unconfessed mortal sin on our soul.  This statement by Jesus applies always – not just on Divine Mercy Sunday.)  You must have total trust in My Divine Mercy, be repentant of your sins in Confession, receive Holy Communion and you shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and the punishment due to them.

Let no soul fear to draw near to Me, even though its sins be as scarlet.  Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy also on that Feast Day at the Hour of Mercy [3 p.m.] if possible.  I ask you to reflect on all of your sins, past ones that you may have forgotten to confess and present ones that you need to confess. My children, this Feast Day is a refuge and shelter for the consolation of souls. The very depth of My Mercy is consolation for the whole world.”

As Father begins the “Sword of St. Michael Prayer,” I suddenly see St. Michael glide over to the podium and out of reverence for Father, he kneels on one knee and bows reverently to Father; he places his hand over his breastplate.  He then gets up and glides over to the middle of the sanctuary – he lifts his bold and beautiful sword up toward his face and then he turns to his right side and extends the sword toward those in attendance and blesses them with his sword; he then turns toward his left side and once again, extends his sword over those sitting to his left side and blesses them as well.

St. Michael then looks out at those in attendance and says:

“Children of God, beware of the reign of terror that will come upon you and the entire world.  Stay strong and steadfast in your faith.  The lawlessness is already at work and his (2) terror will reign for a short time, but the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of his mouth and destroy him.  Stay unified and know that when these things begin to take place, your redemption is drawing near.  Do not be tempted or have fear, because through your Catholic faith you have sound doctrine.  Being without true faith, you will fall into the temptations of evil. Believe and have faith and trust in the Lord Jesus.  Do not go outside of the One, True, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.  Remember to follow the True Magisterium, Sacred Tradition, and Holy Scripture.  Do not lose your way, but hold steadfast and remain true to your Catholic faith.  Do not be deceived.”

I now see Jesus, who is gliding next to Father after he retrieves the Holy Eucharist for the Eucharistic healing service.  As Father proceeds to the front of the kneelers, Jesus is right next to him and when Father begins to place the lunette onto the forehead of the person who is kneeling, Jesus places His hand onto Father’s hand and Jesus’ hand immediately goes into Father’s hand and I see an illumination of light that transpires right at that time.  This infusion of Jesus’ hand into Father's hand shows me that Jesus Christ gives the power of performing all actions in virtue of Christ’s very person to His priest-sons in all of the Sacraments, whether the priest is giving a blessing, absolving a sinner, or consecrating the bread and wine as the Holy Eucharist – and the priest acts as the visible representative and symbolic manifestation of Jesus Christ.

As each person comes forward for the blessing with the Holy Eucharist, I see Jesus smile so beautifully at each one of His children and His Love shines forth onto all those around Him.  Jesus’ eyes speak silently of His love as they search each person’s heart.  Jesus is so tender and kind, and His words to His children are spoken softly.  He never seems to be impatient as His children come up, and Jesus’ love shines upon us and through us. Jesus said that when we focus on Him, He will give us clarity and bring meaning into our lives.

Jesus loves when the little children come up for a blessing and His face radiates with such love for the children.  “I say: let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. I say to anyone who causes these little ones any harm, it would be better to have a millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.  Do not harm these little ones of mine. Never keep your children away from Me; I love them so deeply and will place them in the Love of My Sacred Heart.  I say to the parents of all children: ‘In your prayers, invite My blessings upon them and teach the young to follow Me.’”

At the end of the Mass, I see the Holy Family.  Our Blessed Mother glides down toward the altar rail and she is crying and my heart is breaking as I look at her.  She said to her children: “I am truly a Mother of Sorrows and I cry these tears for My Son’s holy Church as he is berated and rebuked in His own Church.  My divine Son is being condemned vehemently and at great lengths by those who should be protecting His holy Church, and His priest-sons should love Him as My divine Son loves His priest-sons and His holy Church.  These faithless priests need to be like the first Apostles of My beloved Son and they should be desperate to live for Jesus and the reality of the Body of Christ.  All those who faithfully love the Lord will serve Him and will be with Him, walk with Him, and speak in Him.  Those who are not following my Son have only but a little time to pray and rethink what their vows of the priesthood truly mean.  Your heavenly Mother asks that you change your ways of following the world – but rather, follow the ways of My divine Son.

My sweet children, I cry tears of sorrow for all my children, because the pains that wrench my heart are what I grieve at the loss of lives through the evils of so many men who want to destroy humanity at any cost. So many children will be left motherless and many mothers will be left childless.  Oh, my dear children, look upon the tears of a Mother of Sorrows and a Sword of Sorrow that has pierced my heart so many times as I watch so many of our children lose their way and travel down the road of perdition.  You have no idea the sorrow that you will soon face, because so many of you have forgotten My divine Son.  Many of our children led their lives to follow the ways of your world and I ask you: ‘What have you gained through the evilness of your world?’ There is so much suffering and pain, injustice and poverty, frustration and challenges that our children will have to face.  Do not think you will walk alone through this valley of tears that you will soon witness, because I will be with you and My divine Son will never abandon any one of His children who call out to Him.  We love you with the purest of love.

I am your Heavenly Mother, who knows of your sorrow and your pain.  I love every one of you and I ask you to pray to me for my Motherly Mantle of Protection for all of your loved ones.  Let me comfort you as a loving Mother comforts her suffering child.   

Pray, pray, pray the Rosary and meditate on the Mysteries of My divine Son’s life.  Turn to my Son in all of your afflictions.  

You are my loving children and I will place each of you in the love of my sorrowful Heart.” 

Our Blessed Mother now turns and glides near St. Joseph, who is holding the Baby Jesus.

I neither see nor hear anything further.


(1)   Webmaster: It seems clear that this year will be the last when we will easily be able to receive the Great Grace of Divine Mercy Sunday for a long and most decisive time before the Warning.

(2)   Webmaster: This is the Antichrist. As Scripture says: “Let no one deceive you in any way; for that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of perdition” (2 Thessalonians 2:3).


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