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Manuela Strack

So much evil has taken place in Germany since at least the Protestant Rebellion. But God has intervened again. Given the great strife in the Church in Germany now – a possible schism – it should come as no surprise that He has raised up an end times visionary in Germany. Mrs. Manuela Strack, born in 1967, is a mother, housewife, and simple woman who resides on her parent’s farm in a hamlet near the small town of Sievernich in the Diocese of Aachen. Her extraordinary experiences started when she was a child. A center of the private revelation is her local church in Sievernich. Her local bishop is open to the visions – a miracle in the liberal bastion that the Church in Germany has become. (He gave her a spiritual guide who is a priest.) In fact, there is no country in the world now that is so plagued with ecclesiastical rebellion against the tradition of the Faith. Latin is intermixed in the messages, so this is certainly a traditional private revelation.

She started to have mystical experiences in earnest in 2000. She receives visions of the Infant of Prague, Our Lady, St. Michael the Archangel, Ven. Pope Pius XII, and others.

She travelled to Rome in 2004 and gave some private messages from Our Lady to Pope John Paul II after a general audience.




Our Lady desired in Sievernich an "Immaculata fountain" to

alleviate suffering, but the most urgent request from heaven

was for a spiritual center to be established in Sievernich.

Some interesting points in these apparitions are: the mention of “three difficult years” to come (definitely the reign of the Antichrist, though this was not revealed to her); devotion to the Eucharist/the Precious Blood and plans to get rid of it in the future by the hierarchy. Also of importance is warning against the heresy of Modernism (which has come to pass in Germany especially), the “Golden Book” of St. Louis de Montfort: the classic True Devotion to Mary, with a special emphasis on the great saints of the end times; poetry coming through St. Teresa of Avila; and the “Aviso” as the vision said (the “Warning” revealed at Garabandal, Spain). Our Lady also said that during World War II there were previous apparitions in Sievernich that were hidden by the Nazis. Manuela Strack and we were called to pray in a special way for Pope Benedict XVI..

Recently, before it happened, she received messages foretelling the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  

The next day she met with Cardinal Ratzinger – her fellow countryman – who was then in charge of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

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In the small town of Sievernich (Germany), a practically unknown, but probably the most prophetic apparition of the last decade is taking place.

Because the visionary was shown in advance acts of Islamist terrorism, persecution of the Church, wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, warning and, if mankind does not convert, punishment.

Local Bishop Heinrich Mussinghoff of Aachen considered the apparitions so credible that he asked the renowned theologian and later auxiliary bishop Dr. Johannes Bündgens to be his spiritual guide.

And since then, Bishop Bündgens has been convinced of the authenticity of the apparitions, although, as usual, a final judgment of the Church can only be expected after the apparitions have been completed.

The visionary's name is Manuela Strack, a simple housewife who resides in an old country house with her retired husband, and they have a son who studies at the University of Aachen.

Between 2000 to 2005 she had apparitions of the Virgin Mary and from 2018 they resumed appearing Jesus under the invocation of the Infant Jesus of Prague.

In June 2000 when she was in front of a picture of Our Lady of Einsiedeln, she heard a voice inviting her to start a "living rosary", a prayer group. 


And during the first prayer meeting of the group she felt a great warmth. 

Then the Blessed Mother appeared to her, all dressed in white, with a red heart on her breast surrounded by a crown of thorns. 

Her message was about the concern for an internally divided church and the great apostasy of our time.

And to counter this, she asked for the Rosary, as she had done at Fatima and Medjugorje.

From then on, for five years, Manuela had an apparition of Mary almost every first day of the month.

Word spread and soon hundreds of pilgrims arrived.

In 2001, the cloud on which Our Lady was standing became a balloon, which approached the boot of Italy, saw the city of Rome and the Vatican. 

And a meeting room where many cardinals were sitting debating about celebrating Mass without the Eucharist. Because many no longer believed in the Eucharist.

In January 2001, Our Lady placed three roses on a map, one in each country: Germany, Argentina and Italy.

What the experts interpret would be the announcement of the pontificates of a German and an Argentinean.

And around that time she saw the subsequent rise of ISIS and its persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

And She said to her,

"The keys will serve you as a weapon against all darkness, you know what is going to happen.

Only your Holy Father in Rome, my beloved Pastor, will receive these keys from me. 

Please remain silent, they will not believe you, but everything will happen this way." 

These secrets were written, notarized and then given to John Paul II during an audience in 2002.

And when Manuela was presented to Cardinal Ratzinger, falling to her knees she addressed him as "Holy Father," even though he was still 3 years away from being elected.

Apparently she drew the Vatican's attention to mentions of the devil's activity in the world, which is becoming more active than ever. 

That he is infiltrating the Church, seducing theologians and even bishops to question the teachings of the Church.

And it wants to drag us all into sin and an apocalyptic Third World War.

On November 11, 2004, dozens of pilgrims witnessed the apparition of the Infant Jesus of Prague in front of the Blessed Sacrament during Eucharistic Adoration.

And in 2005, Our Lady said goodbye but assured that Sievernich would always be a place of grace and refuge.

For thirteen years there were no public apparitions, until November 2018 the continuous series of apparitions of the Infant Jesus of Prague began.

On October 7, 2002, Manuela received 3 secrets, which Our Lady called keys, about the future of the world and the Church.






And the Child would then say to Manuela, 

"A severe time will come, harder than ever, many souls will err and lose faith". 

And he added,

"I am coming to convert sinners, I am the King of Mercy".

And during a March 11, 2019 apparition at Holy Mass, the infant Jesus was seen by 20 witnesses, and a dozen noticed an intense scent of lilies in the temple.

The apparitions are repeated monthly.

And in one of them, Manuela saw two sides of a cathedral; in one burned the fire of the Holy Spirit, in the other, the fire of corruption. 

Some bishops were leading their believers to the Holy Spirit, but others were leading them to perdition.

It seemed a harbinger of the schism to which the "synodal way" threatened to lead the Church in Germany.







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Manuela Strack’s is: .

On November 5, 2018, the Infant Jesus of Prague appeared to her, attired with golden crown and gold brocade mantle,

on the host exposed in the monstrance.

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