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Gisella Cardia

Gisella Cardia started to have visions in April 2016, after a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. A small statue of Our Lady that was bought there also started to have lacrimations (that is, shed tears; in this case, of blood and water). She is from a small town in Italy, Trevignano Romano, which is about 30 miles from Rome. She was involved with the publication of a couple books on the phenomena in the few years after it started, one of which in its Polish translation received a Nihil obstat from the relevant Polish diocese. Her local Bishop Romano Rossi of the Diocese of Civita Castellana is reservedly supportive of her. He laughingly told Catholic News Service: “The Holy Roman Inquisition hasn’t been set in motion yet.” On the contrary, soon after the visions began, he gave access to a chapel for the numerous of visitors who were coming to her home to pray.


After the books were published, the Italian media interviewed her and were very critical, but she calmly answered them. She made some mainstream, international press – not that that is her goal – after it was discovered that Our Lady gave her a message on September 28, 2019, which foretold the coronavirus months before the pandemic started in 2020. Our Lady said: “Pray for China, because new diseases will come from there, all ready to infect the air by unknown bacteria” [excerpt], or, as Gisella now says, a “‘virus that would arrive from China’ – after a few months it arrived. It’s never long before what [heaven] says comes to pass.”

In a field overlooking the volcanic Lake Bracciano, hundreds attend a Rosary prayer meeting on the third of every month during which Our Lady, known as “the Madonna of Trevignano,” or Jesus appears and gives a message. The sun has been recorded pulsating and moving there.  While there are end times elements to the messages that she receives daily, that is not the sole focus. She told the Catholic News Service: “The messages are always asking for conversion and prayer. They are not different from those of Fatima or Lourdes or other places.” They are intended to call attention to the reality of sin and evil. The Rosary is highlighted. Her website, [the Queen of the Rosary in English], is in Italian only. Here is a professional translation of part of its homepage:



It all started in March 2016, but we firmly believe that the real beginning coincides with our consecration to marriage.

Extraordinary signs and manifestations have marked our hearts. A statuette purchased in Medjugorje depicting the Queen of Peace sheds tears of water and blood. A painting of the Divine Mercy purchased in St. Peter's Square wept the blood and water of the Mercy of Jesus.

With the first apparition of the Holy Virgin, our lives changed.

He [God] showed us the way and a mission to carry out: to carry out his plans for conversions and the return to the Our Father.


Now the Holy Virgin appears during the recitation of the Holy Rosary and beyond, leaving messages of conversion and preparation for events that will touch humanity. We have collected and transcribed them from the very beginning. Our Immaculate Mother asked to divulge them so that everyone can meditate and redeem themselves before the end of time. We have a mission dictated by the plans of the Holy Virgin, and no one can hinder this path.

Meditate and pray a lot with your heart wherever you are for the salvation of all souls in the world.

Gianni and Gisella”

*Gianni is Gisella’s husband.

Gianni Cardia has believed in the authenticity of the phenomena since it started. He knows his wife is neither a liar nor deluded. She is a humble, normal, and psychologically healthy woman. Gisella says her life has changed as a result of the phenomena. She mainly stays at home now since the townspeople do not believe in her. She says she feels sorry for them. Jesus said, “A prophet is not without honor, except in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house” (Mk. 6:4; cf. Mt. 13:57). She does housework in the mornings and receives visitors in the afternoon. She does what she can to promote the urgent messages heaven is giving to her.

A very unique gift she has been given are writings on her skin by the blood that comes near to the surface of her wrist and then disappear. These can be seen on the website mentioned above. Five of them are, in English: “LOVE,” “HAVE FAITH,” “MY PEOPLE,” “MARY MOST HOLY,” and “BE WITNESSES.”

At the simple shrine on the hillside, a sanctuary structure will be built, as requested by Our Lady. It was also revealed that miraculous water will be discovered there, for which a well will need to be dug. The Association of Our Lady of Trevignano Romano, headed by Gianni, does take donations solely for the maintenance of the field it owns on the hillside and its future needs. It will clearly be a refuge. To donate, please go to the website below.

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