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Marie-Julie Jahenny

Marie-Julie Jahenny is the prototypical end times prophet. I do not know of any messenger earlier than her that focused so much on the end times. She was way ahead of her time; she lived from 1850 - 1941. She is similar to John Leary in the sense that no one has strong arguments against them except that they do not want to hear end times messages, which are straight out of the Book of Revelation. Modern man does not like the idea that he might be caught up in the worst of all times. “Not on my watch!” he says in vain. As with John Leary, one can assert that the messages given to her came and are coming true. But by the time the authentic, few end times prophets are believed, it will be too late for man.

Contrary to what some think, the very positive regard her bishop had for her holiness and her mystical phenomena was not an official approval. Unfortunately, no official judgment was ever made by her diocese regarding her as a messenger.

She was a great mystic and a victim soul who bore the stigmata. Two major themes in the messages are "The Angelic Pontiff" and "The Great Monarch" yet to come in God's plan. There is a lot to know about her and the abundant messages from heaven given to her. Protective items (such as the Purple Scapular) and natural remedies were also revealed to her. A good introductory web page on her is here:  . A more in-depth web page on her is here:  . Here is the official website for Marie-Julie Jahenny (be sure to select “English” in the upper right of the homepage):  . Books, etc. can be bought on the latter website.

I heartily recommend buying books now and printing these pages, since there is no doubt the Internet will be “purged” of holy websites soon by the secret societies.

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