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Message from Jesus to Kay

December 19, 2022 – Mass of Reparation

[Note: Before the Mass began and after I had gone to Confession, Jesus wanted me to begin to write down some things that He wanted to say to His children.]

Jesus begins to speak:

My dearest child:

This is a joyous time of the year, but after Christmas, the joyous times will leave your world and the events that I have spoken of as well as My beloved Mother, will begin with a force so strong and devastating that you will experience fear deep within your hearts.

My children must spiritually prepare themselves for the next coming year, which will prove to be the beginning of tragedy for your country [the United States] as well as the rest of the world.

I ask you to advise My children that after they prepare spiritually, then prepare your homes with food

and water that will be desperately needed during these times. Do not waste time thinking about these things but prepare as I have warned you for these past couple of years.

My child, there will be devastation after devastation and events will strike your world without any warning. I have always given My children time to prepare. I have tried to give plenty of time for these events, but all I hear My children say is that “Nothing ever happens.” Trust Me, now is the time that I have spoken of for many years.

Do not wait or hesitate but move as quickly as you can before these events occur.

Each day that passes, gives you another day to be thankful. I do not like to hear My children utter the words, “I told you nothing would happen.”

Do not be foolish or ungrateful for all that has been given to you in the past. I want you to be grateful for each day that My Father allows you to have.

My child, this liturgical year of the Season of Advent was the last season to prepare spiritually with peace and joy for the celebration of Christmas Day, the day of My birth. In other words, I am informing you that the next Season of Advent will be much different from this year. I hope that my faithful children prepared well for this year’s celebration of My birth.

I love each one of you and ask for your Prayers of Reparation for the offenses of sin against Me (I hear the word blasphemy). These acts and offenses are sacrilegious and show great disrespect to your God. Pray for these sinners, who think nothing of taking the Lord’s Name in vain.

Stand firm in your faith and have total trust in My love for all My children.

Your days are numbered, and I ask you to repent now while you still can.

Pray, pray, pray for those souls who are lost and pray for My Mercy upon them. Pray My beloved Mother’s Rosary and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for your family.

I place you in the love of My Merciful Heart.

I Bless you in My Father’s Name.


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