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Message from Jesus to His Children – Feast of Christ the King

November 21, 2021 (Sunday) 10:00 a.m.

Message given to Kay, Locutionist, under the spiritual direction of a priest for several years

"My Dearest Children:

As I speak these words to you, I ask that you have no fear, but only trust and confidence in My love for you. All of My faithful children need not worry or feel any despair, because I am with you always, especially as you call out to Me.

You will witness very soon all of the devastations that have been foretold. It is very important that you receive the Sacrament of Confession every week, if possible, so that your soul will be cleansed and in the State of Grace at all times. If you have not done so, I ask that you make a General Confession at this time before these events occur. Examine your conscience and repent of all unforgiven sins, especially the sin of unforgiveness. Many of My children do not even think to repent of the 'SIN OF PRIDE' which is a grave sin, because it is an excessive preoccupation with self and one's own importance, achievements of their status in life or the possessions they attained. You must understand that this sin is considered rebellion against God because it attributes to oneself, the honor and glory that belongs only to God. I say to My children, 'REMAIN HUMBLE OF HEART' and embrace who you are in CHRIST, instead of who you are in oneself.

Today is a very special day which is celebrated within My Church. It is a reminder to you that I am 'The King of All Nations' and of all of My children. I am your King and I ask you, My Faithful Children of the World, to place Me at the center of your homes, your families, and your lives. I am your One True God and I am your Merciful God, who will forgive all your sins, no matter how abhorrent they may be, as long as you come before Me with a true and contrite heart.

I ask that you pray fervently, because there is an event forthcoming that, if there are enough prayers, this can be averted.

The 'Warning' is around the corner and I want all of My children to witness this Merciful Act. I want My children to have a chance of true conversion before any sudden deaths occur. I ask that you pray against this tragedy that will happen soon, if not enough prayers are received.

You must understand that the sins of your world are so loathsome and repulsive, that My Father's Hand is ready to be brought down upon your world.

Man is no longer hearing God's words to them. My children must stand strong in their faith and not waver. God's words to His children are by hearing and listening. The words of Sacred Scripture are profound truths and if adhered to, it will help My children know the depth of love that I have for them.

I ask that you take time to meditate and reflect through silent prayer; it can help with inspiration through the Holy Spirit.

My children, do you not see the volcanoes occurring around the world, which are causing earthquakes (some of which are man-made)? These earthquakes can cause massive eruptions that will split your country in two. These eruptions of the La Palma Volcano in the Canary Islands are causing hundreds of earthquakes underneath the ocean waters and these earthquakes can cause massive destruction. They can eventually create a tsunami that can kill millions through your world. So many countries will be affected including the Atlantic coastline of your own country; it may even reach your Gulf coastline of Florida. These tsunamis will cause violent natural cataclysmic events that can bring about the sudden deaths of millions of My children.

I ask you to bend your knees in prayer and bow down before My Holy Cross and bring all your prayer intentions against all evil to the Foot of My Cross. Pray for the conversion of all sinners and pray especially for My Church, which will soon undergo a great purification. Pray for the Pope, the hierarchy, bishops, priests, and all of the religious of My Church. There are few of My priest sons in authority that are following the Sacred Traditions of My Church and the True Magisterium of My Church. The authentic interpretation of The Word of God must be upheld within My Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. It is the guarding of faith of the successors of My Apostles and Apostolic Teachings of My Holy Church.

Do not become anxious about anything, but rather pray for every situation and have Peace of God within you, because I will guard your hearts and minds. This does not mean that you should ignore revelations and DO NOT DESPISE PROPHECY.

Remember not to be like the five foolish virgins, who were unprepared to meet the bridegroom. Be well prepared as the five wise virgins. These five wise virgins should represent the preparedness for when your Lord returns for His People. My children, being prepared is the necessity of spiritual perseverance no matter how difficult things can become.

My children, the advice I give to you is to 'RISE ABOVE THE ENEMY AND PRAY THROUGH THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS FOR PROTECTION AGAINST THE ENEMY.' There will always be graces and blessings in following Jesus. To know Me is walking with Me and carrying the crosses of suffering that I bring before you. I ask that you not give your crosses back to Me as so many of My children have done. I know each of My children and I give to you the precise cross that I know you can carry and I ask that you offer up these sufferings every day through your Morning Offering.

My Children, I advise you that you must understand the 'Value of Suffering.' It is a chance to follow the example that I set before you and it is a part of God's plan for all My Children. Suffering is trials and crosses that can help with the growth of your faith, hope and love. It is also a merit or treasure that can benefit many souls. It can help you save souls or help attain what you are praying for. There is at times, grief and emotional pain through the process of suffering, but the value of your suffering is that God can use your suffering for the better good of others, including the poor souls in purgatory.

The death of Jesus helps us to understand how we must endure our crosses and face our crosses as your Lord and Savior did. Sacrifice and suffering are a part of the Christian life, which includes God's plans of taking up your cross which will help you grow spiritually in your faith. I ask you not to despair in times of suffering, but turn to Me and I will help you. Your suffering will bring you closer to Me, because My Children turn to Me when there is nowhere else to turn. I suffered before you and I will help you face what you will be going through and help you turn your suffering into a blessing. Pain can help you heal in many different ways. It can transform the pain of life into great strength. All of My Children have experienced suffering of some kind, but look to the light instead of the darkness of discomfort. Challenges that you may have to face, may give you an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

You are living in the End Times that are spoken of in the Book of Revelation. These times are not the end of the world, but rather the end of the world as you know it. Your world is falling apart through the demonic evil forces that are controlling your world and your world must be cleansed and purified, and so too will My church go through its purification.

Your faith must be strong in the midst of the fire of the tests that are to come soon. These sufferings will get worse before they get better. My Holy Angels will be dispersed in these times to protect My Faithful Remnant through the disasters yet to come. There will be a time of famine, plagues, financial collapse, political oppression, and soon, rumors of wars and woes through persecution and martyrdom.

Your world will soon be taken over by the New World Order, but I ask you not to fear My Children, for many of you will be led to My Refuges of safety, which I have prepared for you around the world. You will be protected and taken care of by My Angels at these refuges of safety and protection. You have nothing to fear My children, but your faith and trust in Me must be strong and your confidence in Me must be firm. Trust in your Lord and Savior and pray to Me for strength and courage during these desolate times.

It is important that you go to the celebration of daily Mass as often as you can, so you can receive My Holy Eucharist, which will give you the strength that you need spiritually to survive. If daily Mass it is not available to you, please watch Mass on the television, while it is still available for you to do so. I want you to go to confession as often as you can. My priest sons should try to visit those of My children who are ill and cannot regularly go to confession.

My children, you must understand that these punishments are long overdue and many children have become wicked and obstinate and have refused to change any evil course of their actions. Your generation is far worse than Sodom and Gomorrah or Nineveh.

Trust Me, My Faithful Children and I want you to know that My Beloved Mother's Immaculate Heart will soon Triumph and the Era of Peace will follow after her Triumph.

I will place you in the Love of My Merciful and Sacred Heart.

I bless you in My Father's Name."


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