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“go to Confession … soon your churches will be closed”

Messages from Jesus, Mary, and St. Michael to Kay

Mass of Reparation – August 21, 2023

I saw St. Joseph behind Father as he was giving his homily. St. Joseph was holding Baby Jesus and I saw Baby Jesus raise His little, chubby hand to bless Father as he began to speak.

Father was speaking about St. Pius X and how he was born of a poor, Italian family in 1835. He was the second of ten children and was ordained a priest at the age of twenty-three. He was happy to be a simple, hardworking parish priest and even a bishop, and then as a cardinal of Venice, he continued to be quite humble, kind, and very approachable.

It was at this point that Jesus began to speak and Jesus made the statement that many times he chooses the poor and humble of heart, because they have detached themselves from worldly possessions, and in their helplessness they put their trust in God. He continued to say that many of His children today are prideful and they look for the glory and riches of whatever the world can provide for them.

He says: “My children are no longer generous to others; they have no kindness of heart. They show no love to the needy and do not think of helping those who are less fortunate. My children have become cold, heartless, faithless, and ruthless. They have forgotten how to be gentle and respectful of their neighbors. You have become lovers of self, lovers of money, and you have also become proud, arrogant, and ungrateful children. You are swollen with conceit and lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. Because of the increased lawlessness in your world, your hearts have become hardened, and you have grown spiritually cold as well.

The days are getting darker and the temptations greater. I do permit you to be tempted. Not so that you will fall, but so that you will grow in holiness. I allow darkness for many reasons – at times to protect you from your own selfish ambitions, to help you understand divine instructions, and to increase your faith. Through darkness, you can help others, and it can also help you to become more intimate with Me.

My children, why have you abandoned your God and why have you fallen from the grace of salvation? My Resurrection is a gift given from God to all of humanity. It fulfills God’s promise of salvation for all His children – you must repent of your sins and follow the laws of God through His Commandments. I ask you to believe, desire, and do what is necessary for your salvation.”

I now see Jesus hang His head down, and as He lifts His head back up, I see tears falling down His face. I feel such pain seeing Jesus crying.

He says: “My children no longer believe in their faith and have followed Satan’s deceitful ways through his lies and falsehoods. Oh, My dear children, you will want to give up your worldly pleasures when you witness the warnings of Heaven come to fruition. You will soon fall to your knees begging for forgiveness, and all that you attained in this world will be gone in an instant and worth nothing. All of your greed and selfishness will bring nothing but misery into your lives.

I, as your Lord and Savior, inform you that there is not much time left and many of My children will die without a moment’s notice. I come before you and ask you to change your sinful way of living and repent now of your sins while you still can.

I am your God, and during the first Holy Mass, which was celebrated on Holy Thursday, I gave the perfect sacrifice of the True Presence of My Body and My Blood that was offered to the Father, just as I offered Myself to the Father on the Cross. Through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, you can adore, give thanks, make atonement, and request petitions through your prayers, and be united with Me through reception of My Holy Eucharist. It is through My Holy Eucharist that you can obtain and sustain spiritual strength and nourishment for your soul. My Eucharist can separate you from sin by strengthening you in charity and love, and it also strengthens you to follow Me; the Eucharist gives strength to the weak.

I want you to understand that My ways are meant to help you to trust your Lord and Savior. I ask you not to reject or neglect My plan for you, because I never move without purpose. I love each of you more than you can ever imagine. I want you to trust and obey the Commandments of God; I ask you not to fight against Me. I want to comfort and guide you when you are going through hard times; I want you to have a personal relationship with Me. I ask you to seek Me through faith-filled prayer and fasting. I want to come into your heart, and I want to present a gift of grace to you and be your Lord and Savior. Turn your life over to Me and watch how I will work in wonderful ways to prepare you for your eternal rewards, which will be beyond your comprehension.

My children, I ask that you go to Confession as often as you can, because soon your churches will be closed, and you will not be able to receive the Sacrament of Confession as you can now.”

Father is now praying the Sword of St. Michael Prayer and I see St. Michael in the center of the sanctuary, and he lifts his beautiful, bold sword up toward his face and turns to the right side of the church and blesses all those in attendance. He then turns to left side of the church and also blesses those in attendance. After St. Michael has completed his blessing, he begins to speak: “Children of God, I warn you that many evil and catastrophic events will soon begin to happen, and there will be no time to plan for the things that you failed to do or accomplish when Heaven’s words of warning were given to you.

I am asking you to pray for the salvation of all the sinners of your world and pray for your family members that are in dire need of prayer. Pray the St. Michael Prayer every day for my sword and shield of protection around you and your family. Turn to the Queen of Heaven and earth and ask her for her Mantle of Protection. She is Queen of your heart because Jesus gave her to you at the foot of the cross.”

I now see our Blessed Mother. She is standing next to St. Joseph, who is holding the Infant Jesus. I heard her faintly and she said that she is so grateful for all those who attend the Masses of Reparation.

She then says: “I pray for each one of you and your families. I will not abandon you, My children, and I ask that you pray hard for all that is about to happen on your earth. Heaven has tried to warn you to prepare both spiritually and physically, but many of you have failed to heed Heaven's warning to you. Many of our children are too afraid to hear about such devastation and would rather live their lives in the normal fashion. My children, you tend to avoid what is inevitable. Unfortunately, you will not be prepared and you will suffer as well as your children. All of the devastations that have occurred throughout your world have been warned about by Heaven, so that our children would at least be spiritually prepared.

My children, what are you going to do when these events begin to happen and you have no preparations for you or your children? Whether you want to hear these warnings or not, these things will occur, and it would have been better to hear and prepare for these events.

I am truly a Mother of sorrows and I will listen to your prayers of help for your children and grandchildren, but I ask you not to ignore these warnings from Heaven. Pray, pray, pray for the entire world and especially for the Pope and all of your priests. They are in desperate need of your prayers.

I cry tears of sorrow for all of my children. Mankind will suffer through plagues and disease, intense heat through fire from volcanoes, earthquakes with great shaking, famine, wars, financial collapse and ruin.

Such a corrupt and evil world, and you will have tragedy all around you. Pray to the Holy Spirit to guide you in wisdom and knowledge of the truths.

You do not have much time left before cataclysmic events begin to happen, so I ask you to pray fervently for all of mankind that it will be guided by God’s Divine and Perfect Will and not by their own erring human wills.

I love you, my children, and I am your Sorrowful Mother, who grieves for the sins of the world, and I pray for mercy on the sinners of the whole world. I ask you to sit with those who are grieving in sorrow and listen to the pains of their heart, as I listen to your pains of sorrow within your hearts.”

I watch our Blessed Mother as she cries so heavily, and her tears are breaking my heart. I hear her

words to me: “I am crying over the sins of the world and the pain and sorrow it will soon endure.”

Our Lady moves next to St. Joseph, and I see the Baby Jesus raise His hand and He blesses all of us.

I see and hear nothing further.


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