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Kay – “heresy within My divine Son’s holy Church”

Updated: May 30

(Message to Rosary Group Members)

May 7, 2024

Our prayer group decided that we would pray our weekly prayers at A’s home, because she had the Our Lady of Guadalupe image, which is a traveling image that was touched to the original Tilma in Mexico City, Mexico.  We all went to the churches we selected for ourselves for our daily Mass and we were to meet at A’s by 9:30 a.m.

We were filled with excitement because we had all nine of us present, which rarely happens because J. and P. have both returned to the workforce. 

Our Blessed Mother came to the prayer group as Our Lady of Guadalupe and she began to speak after the first decade of the Rosary.

“My sweetest children:

Oh, what a JOY your heavenly Mother is feeling at this time.  To have my chosen children on this glorious day is such a gift of love for me.

My children, it was your Mother of Guadalupe who arranged to have each of you here together to offer up your special intentions through my intercession, as well as to receive my special graces for you on this very special day.

I want to thank my child, B., who offered this image to A. and to also thank A. for opening up her home for this special occasion of having all of you here together.  Each of you will be covered with My motherly Mantle of Protection from this day forward with my Tilma. This day was not a coincidence, but a plan of your heavenly Mother, so that each one of you would receive the graces that have been bestowed upon you this day.  I call these graces special because I offer them to you for your spiritual growth and to give you the strength and protection against the evil attacks and events that will soon befall your world, but especially the attacks against America.

I mentioned to you last week that there would be a major event to happen and it is coming to fruition.  I ask that you pray for the mitigation of this event; it cannot be averted, but it is important to pray for the mitigation of this event and those catastrophic events that will follow. I have warned you in previous messages of many things that will occur and all will come about as I stated, and you will need spiritual strength as well as physical and mental endurance to get through these desolate times. 

My children, you must grow in faith and prepare yourselves spiritually with your sacramentals of armor along with praying the Rosary and going to confession on a regular basis, so that you may remain in the State of Grace, because of the evil snare of the devil that will be attacking your families and a planned complete devastation through financial ruin, famine, catastrophic events, plagues, and a war that will spread throughout all of Europe and beyond.

I do not want to bring fear upon you, but these world events will be dire, and I must warn those of my children whom I can count on for prayers that are sorely needed.

My child, remember the words of St. Michael that he gave last December at the Mass of Reparation: ‘Look to the Church and when the authoritative evils begin to create heresy within My divine Son’s holy Church, the Warning will be close at hand and our children will be sent to the safety of the Refuges.’

My children, I ask you to pray for the reparation of sinners through your devotional prayers of Adoration.  The prophecies that have been given for many centuries and through the present prophets will soon begin and humanity will suffer from the actions of pure evil.  Pray against the hardened hearts of our children because they do not believe these conflicts will arise and they will learn too late that the sin of pride allowed them to be blinded.  This is why I ask you to pray for the hardened sinners and for the Reparation of Mankind.

Remember that the purpose of the Warning is to draw all of our children closer to My Son and to increase their faith and repent of their sins.  Our children should prepare for that day, but not await it fearfully.  God does not send things for the sake of fear but rather – with justice and love – He does it for the good of His children, so they might enjoy eternal happiness and not be spiritually lost.

(Many people are experiencing memory loss and brain fog. The Blessed Mother comments about this situation.)  Becoming more forgetful does not necessarily mean you have dementia.  You are living in a time when the evils of your world are causing many hardships and health issues to our children and the chemicals they are exposed to, such as chemtrails and other means of toxic chemicals that they [the evil ones] are using in your foods that are causing sickness and other health issues. 

I want you to use holy water on your food and in all beverages that you drink and ask Jesus to cleanse the food and drink that you ingest into your body.  Also do what the Holy Spirit had advised our children, and that is to make the sign of the cross on your forehead every day and ask Him to seal and shield your memory and unclog the effects of evil being used against your memory.  Ask your Guardian Angel to help you to remember to do this.

Continue to say your Rosary daily for peace in the world and for the end of the war.  I also ask you to pray for Holy Mother Church, as she will soon go through her purification in order to cleanse her of all the evil and wickedness that has entered into the Church. 

I bless each of you in the Love of My divine Son and in the love of His Blessed Mother.”


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