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The Decisive Moments Are Near

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Message from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi

August 3, 1974

First Saturday

"Today you have remained constantly close to my Heart; you have prayed for your brother-priests who belong to my Movement [the Marian Movement of Priests]. This has been a day of special graces for all of them; I have made my presence felt, close to each and every one of them. I must make these sons of mine ever more and more my very own. I must detach them as quickly as possible from everything in order to cause them to become only and completely the possession of my Son Jesus. If only you knew, son, how much I love them, how much I clasp them to my Heart, one by one!

The decisive moments are very near. A little while longer and then, together with them, with the littlest of my babies, I will crush the head of Satan and his many followers, and I will obtain the victory, which has already been announced!"​

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