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Fr. Gobbi – The Risen Christ Appeared First to His Mother

Message from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi

Title of Message: “Witness of the Resurrection”

March 30, 1997

Easter Sunday


“Live, together with your heavenly Mother, the profound joy of this Easter Day. Christ is alive! Christ is risen!

When Jesus, in the light of his glorified body, appeared to me in all his divine splendor and, as a Son, bent over to close each wound of my motherly sorrow, my Heart was submerged in the fullness of Easter joy. Christ is risen! Christ lives forever!

I have become the first and silent witness of his resurrection. [1] The first witness, because Jesus has willed to share above all with his Mother the first fruits of this Easter joy. I am however a silent witness, because it is to the pious women and to the disciples that the task of announcing to the world this stupendous and divine prodigy has been entrusted.


I am a witness of the resurrection. My task is that of sustaining and increasing the faith in those who have come to believe in Him. I have given new courage to those who were thinking that all was now finished; I have asked the pious women to go quickly to the sepulcher, which I knew was already empty; I have confirmed the faith of the Apostles, telling them how Jesus had first shown Himself to me in the splendor of his divine glory.

The Gospels have not spoken of this, because my task as Mother is that of being the silent witness of the resurrection.

As I had been a silent presence at the word announced by Him during the years of his public mission, so too I had to be a silent presence at the word which now had to be proclaimed by the Church.

But there has been entrusted to the Mother the joyous task of bearing witness in life that my Son Jesus Christ has risen and is sitting at the right hand of his Heavenly Father in the glory of paradise.


I am today a witness of the resurrection. In these times, when the historical fact of his resurrection is being denied or placed in doubt by many, I charge you, my beloved ones, to announce with force and to give witness with courage to the wonderful event of Christ Risen.

If Christ had not risen, vain would be your faith.

If Christ had not risen, useless would be the announcement of his Gospel.

If Christ had not risen, there would be no reason for you to believe any longer in the truth of his word.


Christ is risen, because He is God.Christ is risen, because He had predicted it.

Christ is risen and has appeared in the divine splendor of his glory to the witnesses, chosen by Him beforehand.

Christ is risen and has appeared first of all to his Mother.

I have contemplated Him, more resplendent than the sun, white as the snow, and his divine beauty has so impressed itself upon my life that, from that moment, I have begun to live paradise

here below.


And so, above all in your days, I invite you all, my dearly beloved ones, to announce with courage his death, to proclaim with force his resurrection, to await with certitude his coming in glory.”




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