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Messages from Our Lady of America to Sr. Mary Ephrem

June 1958

In June 1958, several weeks after I had entered the Cloister, I was walking in the enclosure courtyard before going to prayer. I felt overwhelmed with a sense of frustration and heaviness of heart. As I gazed towards the heavens, Our Lady suddenly appeared to me as she had done on September 26, 1956. She said to me: "Do not be afraid. I will keep my promise. Everything will be all right. Do not fear." These words consoled me very much, and I went to prayer with a peaceful heart.

February 1959

On February 23, 1959, Our Lady came to me and admonished me to work on the “message'' as soon as possible so that it might be placed in the hands of the Bishops who would be responsible for its fulfillment. In a very serious manner Our Lady warned me that I must not delay any longer to do this, as the time is now.


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