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Third Message of Our Lady of the Rosary of El Pozo

The following is the third message left by the most Blessed Virgin Mary in her apparition at Barrio Rincón in Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico, in April 1953. It was made known to the world on April 26, 1987, once her indications were fulfilled.

“By that time, the Holy Father, true and beloved son, will have visited this land. It will be a time of repression and persecution for those who promulgate my name as Mother of the True Way to the Father. In those times of tribulation a great hope will arise. Thousands of my children will gather in a demonstration of true love and will unite their hearts to mine in order to beseech mercy from my most beloved Son. This is the sign that the time has come to make the following message known:

Humanity has submerged itself in profound indifference; it lacks faith, hope and charity. Egoism, pride, materialism, and slander corrupt the hearts of many. My children: beware of egoism – this demon has penetrated the souls of many in the True Way.

Children, the Hour has come; it is the Hour for all men to join together in continuous prayer to beseech my Son’s mercy. It is necessary that the Holy Father appeal to priests, religious, bishops and the chosen, calling on them to pray the Rosary for the conversion of all men, in union with all the children of the Church.

New children, my children, pray for the transformation of humanity, of those who have turned away from God, and most especially for the leaders of the Church.

It is the hour for all to become the Voice of the Way. May charity, the love of my most beloved Son, be spread through your words and example. The Church must be open to all men on Earth, for my Son died on the cross for all sinners.

At eleven o’clock in the morning, I visited you for the first time to call you at this hour of peril. A great danger threatens humanity… My new children, be alert; Plenitude is what I desire.

To all those who, in these difficult times, pray five mysteries of the Rosary every day, I promise my maternal protection, covering them with my mantle and bestowing on them the graces they need.

Protect yourselves under my mantle and live in my virtues. Plenitude is what I desire, for this is what my Son has entrusted to me. Plenitude and my promise; restoration of the way.”



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