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Fifth Message of Our Lady of the Rosary of El Pozo

Updated: Nov 7, 2023


The following are fragments of the fifth message that the Most Blessed Virgin Mary left on her apparition at Barrio Rincón in Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico, on April 23, 1953. The fifth message was partially revealed on July 29, 2000. The following fragments were made public to the world on October 28, 2007. [Webmaster’s note: the quotation marks were left as is for this message; their role below is unclear since all below sections are quotations of Our Lady.]

Before the bleeding Heart of my Son, I, the Mother of God, ask for much prayer for the consecrated members who are no longer in the Mission. Their souls are in great danger. Their alliance with the enemy will bring great sorrows to their souls and to their hearts lacking in love.

Only the Father knows who will be condemned, but Hell is full of men and women who had a commitment with my Son and did not fulfill it, because they failed God. In the silence of my wait, I cry for those who are not present.

“Some will be martyrs and shed their blood, but it is better to lose even the last drop than to lose the soul forever. Even more, those will become the joy of the Eternal Kingdom and they will own the Sacred Staff. They will receive the graces that my Son has reserved for the martyrs.”

“Warn those who are outside of my small kingdom. I am calling them with urgency because the time of judgment is at hand. There will be no excuses or mercy, because everything has been given to them.”

“When the Lord comes to judge them by fire, they will be the first to see the flames if they are found guilty of deserting without remedy.”

Those who desert and join the enemy will be judged like soldiers of treason. For this reason, pray for them. “Better to be martyrs of blood than deserters without remedy”. They lack love in their heart and are full of hate and vengeance – for this reason I cover my head with a black veil until their hearts are softened and they retake the graces of forgiveness. Be firm soldiers even though our hearts are drained by hate and the lack of charity of those who have distanced themselves.

My Son will provide the Light of my Beloved Spouse and I will open the path to him who serves well, with fidelity, enthusiasm, sacrifice, determination, and gives himself without reserve, without keeping anything for himself.

Forgive those who wound you and cause you to bleed – forgive them 70 times seven. Act as indicated in the prayer that my Son dedicates to the Father. Then you will be true Christians, children of the restoration, now and forever.



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