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Messages from Our Lady to Eduardo Ferreira

Updated: May 15, 2023

Virgin Mary, Rosa Mystica, to Eduardo Ferreira

January 6, 2023

“Peace, my children. Once again I come to make an appeal to this nation, Brazil*. Pray much and do penance for the government. Pray that they would be enlightened by the Holy Spirit, and that the laws that they will propose would not be approved in this country that I love so much. Do not be afraid. I also say to my beloved sons who are bishops and priests: do not be afraid to defend the truth. All those who far from this reality will never be happy. Those who reject me also reject my Son, Jesus. Today is a day of grace, yet many are wasting it. Thank you. With love, I bless you.”

December 23, 2022

“My children, peace. On this day, I invite you to pray with me for my intentions. My children, as a Mother, it is my duty to call your attention to prayer. Faced with so many difficulties that many of you are going through, prayer is an efficient weapon. I am here and I want to help you: allow me to help you. Do not seek consolation in the things of this world: here everything is transient. Seek the things of Heaven above. I see that many are tired, hoping to have a child. Pray, pray so as not to lose hope. I am your Mother, your Mother of Consolation and pure love. Thank you. With love I bless you.”

* Eduardo Ferreira lives in Brazil.



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