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New Messages from Jesus and Mary to Gisella Cardia

Featured prominently on Gisella Cardia's website: “In this time of special trial, we pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us in ecclesial communion.” [Webmaster: Mrs. Cardia wishes to preserve unity insofar as she is able, but she must be faithful to God and Mary. St. Peter and the apostles told the hierarchy of their time that they must follow God rather than men. (Acts 5:29) Such is the case with Gisella Cardia, an authentic messenger. One would not expect the hierarchy to do nothing when they are being criticized by heaven. Yet in the history of the Church, there have been condemnations that have been overturned.]


April 28, 2024  

Message of Jesus Given to Gisella

My children, do not fear! Soon the eyes of the spirit will open and recognize My Hand and My Power. Those who have fallen asleep but once knew Me will awaken. Behold, they will understand that whatever happens is only because of My power. Every wicked heart, every person conditioned by evil will bow down before the Light that pierces the darkness. Those who have been silenced by fear will cry out My Name. Daughter, your mission is My mission. It will not end until the last sheep returns to the fold. Do not be afraid of these moments because the devil is about to be defeated and will return to the underworld. Be obedient to My Holy Words -- do not be confused.

I bless you now in the name of the Most Holy Trinity.

Unite in one voice and remember that the Risen Jesus Christ is in your midst.


SHORT REFLECTION [by Gisella Cardia]

These loving words of Jesus inebriate our hearts with so much love.

He invites us not to be afraid and to have hope in Him. He will be the one to enlighten all the dark hearts that have turned away from God because Satan has seduced them. We should not be discouraged for He is close to us and helps us at this particular time in our lives. Jesus, as the Good Shepherd, looks for all His sheep, and for each one of them He suffers and mobilizes so that none may be lost. He came into the world to save the world. All of us must cooperate in His plan of salvation, never sparing in prayer, for the gates of hell will not prevail. It will be He who will permanently cast Satan and all rebellious angels back into hell. Therefore, let us pray for the pastors to whom Jesus has entrusted this onerous task, that they may become more responsible each day for the great gift they have received from God.


April 25, 2024

Message of the Queen of the Rosary Given to Gisella

Beloved children, I thank you for being gathered here in prayer. My children, I know your hearts and I see your faith, for which I thank you. Please, children, tell everyone how necessary conversion is, because time is running out. .... My children, you cannot imagine how happy My Jesus is when you return to Him with hearts throbbing with love. My Jesus seeks sinners one by one with the desire and hope that they redeem themselves and return to His Feet. His Mercy is infinite but see also the power of His Justice when it comes down on those who turn their backs on God. I beseech you, choose the narrowest path that will lead you to eternal life. Now I bless you all in the name of the Most Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; peace be in your hearts. Amen.


SHORT REFLECTION [by Gisella Cardia]

Notice how Our Lady’s messages always begin with her thanksgiving. This reveals to us the great love She has for Her children. Our Mother invites us to a quick conversion, because the time is near. Jesus is happy when we return to Him with love, because, like a true shepherd, He seeks His sheep one by one.  Let us not be seduced by the lights of the world, which invite us to take the “wide road of sin” and not the “narrow” one that leads to heaven. Let us trust and rely on Him. Have a good journey! [Literally, in Italian: "Happy walking!"]


April 21, 2024

Message of the Queen of the Rosary Given to Gisella

Beloved children, today you will receive a special blessing. Just as you are blessed by the Father, by My Most Holy Son, and by the Holy Spirit. Children, thank you for being here on your knees in prayer. Beloved children, in our first meeting I said that I had chosen you because of the faith, love and hope that you have in your hearts. You have passed all this on to your brothers and many have come to the feet of My Jesus in repentance and love. Now, children, I ask you to pray for what may come ... nuclear power, which is on its way to destroy humanity. All this can be averted with prayer and penance. Children, famine is coming! Be careful -- continue to store up. My children, the City of the Seven Hills is in danger of great earthquakes. My Son will lay His hand on those priests, bishops and cardinals who scatter the flock and on those who create confusion. They will be severely punished. This is the time of division -- it will be in families, in groups, in friendships, and in the Church. Children, be united and love one another. Now I leave you with my motherly blessing in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

SHORT REFLECTION [by Gisella Cardia]

In this loving message, the warning given to us by Our Lady should lead us to deep meditation. First of all, we must never forget all the words and exhortations she has lovingly given us during these special years, which have enabled so many brothers and sisters to return to the faith through the sacraments. As always, she invites us to prayer and penance to mitigate the hatred and divisions caused by wars that, because of the hardness of the human heart, could lead to the use of nuclear weapons to destroy humanity.  Our Lady speaks to us of an impending famine and invites us to “stock up”. In making this invitation, she does not mean that “food” might suddenly become scarce, but that it might become unaffordable because of the rising prices that are affecting millions of families that, as time goes by, will not be able to buy anything.  You also tell us of an “earthquake” that will strike the city of the seven hills, that is, Rome. But here you do not speak of an earthquake understood as a natural phenomenon, but of a real spiritual cataclysm that will strike the Church. All this will happen because of the unfaithfulness of so many of God’s servants, who are scattering His flock. For this reason, Jesus, though He is Infinite Mercy, will have to use His Divine Justice if they do not repent. Jesus is Supreme Mercy, but He is also Supreme Justice.  Let us not forget that the spirit of discord and division will come not only in the Church, but also in families and other organs of human society. Therefore, only if we remain united with Him through prayer and the sacraments will we be saved from the spirit of Satan, who only seeks to divide all humanity.  United in the love of Jesus, let us go forward!


April 13, 2024

Message of Jesus Given to Gisella

Beloved brothers and daughters, I thank you for being here in prayer, bowing your knees. Daughter, I ask all those who pray with you: always have hope and trust! Even when all seems lost, I will intervene with My Glory! Beloved children, take care of each other. I have left you a Mother who takes you by the hand to instruct you and show you the right way with great love. My children, be full of patience, humility, strength, and courage. Only I know who will enter through the Gate of Heaven to come to Me.  Now I bless you in the Name of the Most Holy Trinity. I leave you with My Peace.

SHORT REFLECTION [by Gisella Cardia]

Jesus invites us to have hope and trust in Him through prayer, confident that He will never abandon us, even when it seems that evil prevails... Our Anchor of Salvation is His Mother, whom He left to instruct and guide us. We must be humble and patient, hoping that one day we will enter Heaven through Her, who is the Door to Heaven.  Strength and courage in Jesus.


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