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Messages from Our Lady to Eduardo Ferreira

Updated: May 15, 2023

[Statue of Eduardo Ferreira's that is weeping]

Messages from Our Lady, Mystical Rose, Queen of Peace, to Eduardo Ferreira

August 12, 2022

Peace! Beloved children…

Be attentive to the voice of this mother who comes to São José dos Pinhais [Brazil] to invite you to prayer.

Pray my children!

Do not be discouraged in the face of daily difficulties… I invite you to pray the Rosary for peace:

— open your hearts to the love of God,

— pray, pray with confidence!

With love, I bless you.

July 12, 2022

Beloved sons, peace!

On this day, I invite you once again to pray the Rosary as a family.

If you desire peace, start praying today.

My children, you:

— need to love God,

— you need to live the Gospel and put it into practice.

Nobody loves whom he doesn't know… so, start reading and living the Gospel, so you will begin to know Jesus: my divine Son…

— Do not stray from the path,

— Return to God as soon as possible… God awaits your return!

— Do not forget God,

— Love your neighbor,

— Trust in God… time is short!

— Have a life of prayer,

— Remember: you are in the world, but you are from Heaven*!

I am Mary, Mystical Rose, Queen of Peace. With love, I bless you ones.

[*All this means is that God is our Creator.]

June 12, 2022

Beloved children, peace! I am your mother, the Mystical Rose, Queen of Peace.

Little children, I am here to grant you all and encourage you to faith and also to courage – do not be afraid – I am your mother and I am here!

My children:

— you need to persevere in God,

— you need to have a friendship with God,

— be obedient,

— the world is turning away from God... Pray!

— protect yourself from the snares of the enemy,

— don't stay away from prayer,

— entrust your family members to my motherly care,

— pray, pray!

— don't deviate the path that leads you to God!

With love I bless you.


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