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Message from St. Joseph for Priests

Message from St. Joseph to Kay

February 10, 2022

(This message was given to me for Jesus’ Priest-sons.) St. Joseph:

“Dear Child of Jesus:

I come to you this day to prepare you for what is upon all of humanity. I come to warn you to keep watch and be prepared to help all of God's children in need.

There is much infidelity in the Church by those who were supposed to watch over her and guide her.

The children of God are about to witness devastation beyond their imagination. The floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, fires, and weapons of mass destruction through war will be dreadful, horrific, and ghastly upon the earth and its people. The evil powers have entered into all of humanity in all forms, just as they have entered into the highest realms of Jesus’ Church.

Your earth and its people have plunged into complete spiritual darkness, and soon this darkness will be of a physical nature as well. The blindness of our children has caused them to perform ungodly actions and caused such wickedness and immorality against God, and His children have surpassed the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah.

I turn to you and those priest-sons of the Church to move forward without any hesitation or laziness or pride. I say to each of you; you are responsible for all the children of the Church. There are no more boundaries, because there are very few faithful priests left to guide and instruct those children, who thirst for the knowledge of the truth. "DEFEND THE TRUTH AT ALL COSTS AND STAND WITH FIRM FAITH AND THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD AT YOUR PULPITS." Be counted among the strong and brave, whether it be of white or red martyrdom. Defend the truths and the one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church of Jesus Christ.

Your time to prevail against the evils going on within the church is very short, and you must stand together and nourish yourself and our faithful children with the Precious Body and Blood of your Lord and Savior. Nourish their minds and hearts with the truths and have no fear of man but only holy fear of your Lord and Master. I say to all of Jesus' priest-sons: HAVE NO FEAR IN YOU, FOR JESUS WILL EMPOWER YOU IF YOU HAVE COURAGE, TRUST AND CONFIDENCE IN HIM.

My words to you and those of your faithful priestly brothers are that this is NOT THE TIME TO BE SILENT; you must rise up and bring to our children the full truths, the sacred traditions, and the true magisterium of the holy, Catholic and apostolic Church of Jesus Christ.

The warning for Rome is that it will suffer greatly, and it will fall and burn because of the filth, greed, and evil power it has sustained over many years.

The tentacles of evil have devoured the good, and have turned the light of good into darkness, and have changed the darkness into light. The light has become bitter and the darkness has become sweet to those who have allowed evil to enter into their way of life.

Pride and arrogance have taken over most of our children and they have become blind, and the blindness has led to ignorance.

You, my child, must act without any hesitation or worry, because our children need leaders whom they can look up to and turn to in their time of desolation and fear. I say to you: give them the words of God and what He expects from you and your faithful priestly brothers. Remember that Jesus will enable the weak to become strong, and they will be fearless in the face of all your enemies, even within the Church.

It is my duty to help you to attain the strength you are going to need to help our children, and soon you will be led to underground Masses for the faithful, and I will help you to endure all these things without anxiety but rather with peace in your heart. The Holy Spirit will pour His Grace upon you and enlighten you with the knowledge and wisdom you will need to get through these trials. Remember to stay alert and focused during these turbulent times. Continue to prepare for those desolate days of turmoil, and pray to me for the strength to carry out all that Jesus expects of you. Remember to move forward without any fear of emotional threats through those who will oppose you.

My child, I will stay close to you along with your Heavenly Mother, who loves you dearly.

I will bless you and place you in the love and care of the Holy Family.”

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