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Message from Jesus to Kay

January 4, 2022

[Rosary Group Prayers after Daily Mass - St. Anne Catholic Church]

My Dearest Children:

I know of the confusion and at times a certain amount of depression. I ask all of My faithful to remain strong and to stay close to Me through My Holy Eucharist as you also hold the hand of My beloved Mother.

Last year, you were given a message that it would be a year of decisiveness for My children regarding their spiritual lives. It would be an important year for discernment, while listening to the words that I was giving to many of My authentic visionaries. Through My words, I wanted My children to remain strong in their faith and trust in My Love for them. [Note: It is at this time that, while writing these words, I heard Jesus say to me that many of these visionaries of today are not authentic and to be very careful and discern through prayer.]

This year will be a year of great difficulties for the entire world and so many of My children will lack the faith to get through these most desolate of times. The evilness of those who have taken Satan as their master of deceit and the father of all lies will persecute all of those who follow the ONE TRUE GOD – THE THREE PERSONS OF THE HOLY TRINITY.

My faithful children, be ready, because these times will be filled with evil far greater than you have witnessed thus far. All of these events must come to pass in order for Scripture to be fulfilled.

I will keep all of My refuges safe from all the evils that will run rampant throughout your world.

All of My children, those who will be allowed in these refuges have received the “Seal of the Living God” and no others will be allowed to enter. [Note: I spoke with my spiritual director regarding this matter and he stated that "the Seal of the Living God" and "the Luminous Cross" could mean the same thing.]

I know it is hard for most of My children to keep enduring their crosses without knowing when the "Warning" will happen, but you know that your whole world will be in complete chaos before the "Warning" comes. This "Warning" is not yet, My children, but it will come upon the world before your lives are in danger at the hands of the enemy.

Do not worry; nor should you fear anything, because you will be holding the hand of My Beloved Mother and you will remain within My Sacred Heart as well as the Immaculate Heart of My Mother.

I have warned you many months ago of the severe lockdown that would happen and it is coming down upon you, as well as the “great darkness.” Do not be afraid, because My Mother's Rosary will protect you and the Holy Spirit will guide you.

The evils of your world will close My churches and desecrate My Holy Eucharist. Be strong and honor Me through your trust, faith and confidence in Me.

Remember to go to confession as often as you can, while you are still able, and to receive My Holy Eucharist through these times of peace, for they will not last much longer.

I love each of you dearly and will keep you in the love of My Merciful Heart.

I bless you in My Father's Name.


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