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Our Lady of the Rosary of El Pozo

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Source of the below paragraphs:

In 1953, our Blessed Mother appeared in the Caribbean in a small town of Puerto Rico to three children at a well in a barrio called Rincon of the town of Sabana Grande. Our Blessed Mother appeared to three children – Juan Angel Collado, and the sisters Ramonita and Isidra Belen – for 33 days from the 23rd of April to the 25th of May in 1953. In this apparition our Blessed Mother was covered with a blue mantle. Underneath the blue mantle She wore a white tunic with a belt that did not have a buckle and a broach tying the white tunic. In Her hands She held a Rosary painted the color brown and wore brown sandals on Her feet. On Her head She wore a crown of seven stars that appeared to be like little suns because of their brilliance, with the fourth star at the center of the crown appearing much larger and brighter than the other stars.

During this apparition our Blessed Mother appeared to three children at the well where the oldest of the children and principal seer went to get water used for cooking. Here, for the first time, our Blessed Mother appeared to the principal seer, Juan Angel Collado. After this first apparition, Juan told everyone about the apparition inviting other children to see our Blessed Mother. As a result, it became impossible for normal classes to be held due to the multitude of people that appeared daily to see the supernatural manifestation of our Blessed Mother. Due to this, the school authorities prohibited the children from visiting the well. As a result, from the third day on, our Blessed Mother walked daily from the well from which She first appeared to the single room school. Here our Blessed Mother taught and formed the children through symbols, images, and visions. During this time, She also taught the principal seer, Juan Angel, what his mission later on in life was to be, which was to establish a new generation of true Christians that would put God as their priority (also promoting our Blessed Mother as the Mother of the Church of Her Son, Christ.

During the apparition, Our Lady of El Pozo told the children that there would be a great miracle on the last day of her apparition. This miracle is known as the miracle of the sun. This miracle occurred on the 25th of May in 1953. When the miracle occurred, there was an intense rain of many colors that made all of the clothes of all those present wet. The intense rain stopped just as quickly as it started. Instantly, everyone's clothes became dry – all stained with the many colors of the rain. At the same time, the sun filled with many different colors appeared to be pulsating, moving up and down. Before this miracle everyone prayed. Those who knew how to pray prayed and those who didn’t followed the others in prayer. There were many, many miracles of healings that occurred that day.

This apparition is a meditation on the Gospel of Christ with profound symbolism throughout all aspects of the apparition. The number seven, a sign of perfection, is constant in this apparition. Our Blessed Mother is crowned with seven stars on her crown. Seven are the garments – each having its own symbolism – and lastly, seven are the messages that would be revealed at their determined time.

In the six messages revealed to date, our Blessed Mother promises the necessary graces for salvation in exchange for our true conversion. In the messages, our Blessed Mother asks for five mysteries of the Rosary to be prayed daily, asking for world peace and the conversion of all sinners. There have been and continue to be innumerable miracles, healings, and conversions that

are obtained daily for all those who ask for Her intercession with faith.

In these difficult times of great social, moral, and spiritual deterioration, Our Lady of El Pozo asks us to wake up from our indifference and put God as the priority of our life in order to attain the restitution of the Church. Our Blessed Mother asks that we return to fasting, prayer, penance, and a return to the sacraments, with an active apostolate, living the virtues that we are all called to have without exception. Above all, She asks that we spread and live God’s message of love, hope, and eternity. Our Blessed Mother tells us in her sixth message that eternal life exists and that it is real, palpable, and authentic.


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