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“Heresies are taking over humanity, even within the Church”

Messages from Our Lady and St. Anthony of Padua to Eduardo Ferriera

November 24, 2023 – Message from St. Anthony of Padua

Peace and love.

Beloved, the big day is closer than you can imagine.

Be prepared in prayer not to be taken by surprise or even asleep.

This evening I come to this place to tell you: wake up and welcome the voice that comes to you from Heaven, my brothers.

The Lord wishes to restore your souls, which are corrupted by sin.

Welcome these messages – do not reject the messages of the three Hearts.

Do not deny them, do not stifle them, do not despise them.

Listen to them!

This is a sign from Heaven for Brazil.

It is the voice of the three Hearts that comes in São José dos Pinhais – listen to them!

I only ask you to love and change your life. Seek for the path of perfection close to these three Hearts.

Am I asking a lot of you? Is this a lot for you?

My message today is that you love and respect the three Hearts.

Let the three Hearts enter your hearts. These three Hearts wish to be the center of your lives and families.

Rely completely on Jesus, the heavenly Mother, and Saint Joseph.

I ask you for more prayers for the priests.

Pray for the Church!

Pray for the priests, so that the Holy Spirit may enlighten them.

I also ask you to stop making noise inside churches.

Come in to worship and not to talk in vain. How many conversations you have in church!

Pray for the elimination of the noisy instruments.

Do you think, beloved, that loud music is pleasing to Jesus?

I tell you it is not.

It is not pleasing to Jesus, but in this way you please men.

When you come in the church, bow – bow in the presence of Jesus.

Bow and recognize that you are nothing. Bow down and acknowledge your misery.

Beloved, pray for the conversion of the poor priests – pray.

Be persevering in prayer.

Do not waste time with fleeting things.

All join me, as the day will come when the missing will cry, regretting the time wasted with illusory attachments.

This time is a time of Grace.

Heresies are taking over humanity, even within the Church of Christ.

You will suffer misfortunes and lack of love to preserve your spirit.

Many of you will face a battle of outrage for what will come.

Hypocrisy and plague will destroy many.

The rulers of this world will force you to deny the truth written by the Prophets.

You will have to be one with God to have strength in the fight against evil.

Ensure the immortality of your soul with prayer.

Punishment will fall on the nations that do not accept the Savior.

Be obedient to your God, so as not to perish in the last hour.

Be persevering, gentle and active.

Do not hide from these messages, but live them for your salvation.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

November 13, 2023 – Message from Our Lady

Dear children, peace!

It is always a joy to be among you.

My children, how I would like to fulfill all your requests, but you often ask me for what is not good for you.

My children, I ask you to be persevering in daily prayer.

If you do not get what you ask for, be assured that you will be given other consolations, much more important for you and your families.

My children, do not lose heart.

Pray.I came to São José dos Pinhais to redeem my abandoned children and bring everyone to my divine Son, Jesus.

My children, do not let the enemy to have power over your family.

Put into practice what I have told you in the past messages.

Pray in the family.

Entrust your family to my Immaculate Heart.

Do not close your hearts.

Thank God for your family.

Get away from all sorts of evil.

Beware of superstition objects that are in your homes.

Throw them away and renounce everything that takes you away from God.

Always pray, because those who pray with their heart grow in the grace of God.

Pray also for the priests, so that they will be strong in temptations.

I am the Mystic Rose – the Queen of Peace.

I bless you with love.



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