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Gisella Cardia – “humanity … does not listen to my words”

Message from the Madonna to Gisella Cardia on March 9, 2024

“Dear daughter, thank you for welcoming me into your heart. How much pain I feel in my heart for humanity, which does not listen to my words.

I am still with you, because I do not want any soul to be lost.

Many have been seduced by the cunning of the devil, attracted by the false worldly lights, but for those who in the storm have been faithful to God, there will be the certainty of the salvation of their souls.

My daughter, rise up and fight those who want to destroy the Divine Word*.

My angels – they will not leave you alone in the fight. Beloved daughter, soon the Warning will come and I pray that this last act of mercy can shake hearts and consciences. Do not be afraid! I am with you, daughter.

How great is the pain of passion. I experienced it together with my Son, but remember that after there was the Resurrection. Every Promise, every Word will be a certainty. Now I bless you in the Name of the Most Holy Trinity.

Penance, fasting, penance.”

* Webmaster: This seems to be a clear reference to “the Word of God,” which is comprised of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition (see Dei Verbum) – both of which are divine in origin. Thus, the true Faith cannot be changed, and, because Jesus is the ultimate head of the Church (see Ephesians 1:22), the true Faith will not be changed.


BRIEF REFLECTION [by Gisella Cardia]

The loving, heartfelt appeal of our sweetest Mother must awaken our hearts and our souls. Her heart is sorrowful because we no longer listen to her words. She is distressed because she doesn’t want any of her children to be lost.

Unfortunately, the “fascinating” lights of the world, emanated by the spirit of darkness – satan – have cunningly blinded many brothers and sisters. But only those who will let themselves be illuminated by the true spirit of Light, which in not many days we will receive on the glorious day of Easter, will arrive at the certain salvation of their own soul, because during the storm they remained faithful to God.

All together, let us arm ourselves with the weapons of prayer to fight the spirit of Evil, which wants to destroy the teachings of the Word of Jesus. Let us all stay together united around Mary under the cross, as John did, to receive the last breath of the Son of God, which will give us the strength to fully live the passion of our life, with the certain hope that one day, together with Him, we will rise to true life.

Strength and courage; let’s go forward with Love. 



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