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Jesus: “Do not hinder My works.”

Message from Jesus through Gisella Cardia

March 19, 2024

Dear daughter, thank you for taking me into your heart and for bending your knees in prayer.

My sister, write what I say to you: “Do not abandon the Cross... Road to Eternal Life!”

Prepare yourselves for this special Easter! What happened on the day of My Crucifixion is still going on today. The hatred against Me continues in a stronger way! They cannot see the evil that ravages their souls.

I say to those who consider themselves Christians – but turn away from me every day – do not be angry. Open your hearts of stone! Lean upon My Holy Wounds, where you will find comfort.

Do not hinder My works. You are not defending your Faith! You are letting Satan blow his evil spirit upon you, filling you with hatred, rancour and violence. Be loving toward your neighbor, for Eternal Life is at stake.

I weep because many turn their backs on Me – despite the words of My Blessed Mother – turning away.

I love you! I will extend My Mercy upon you, even upon those who blaspheme. But I ask you: return to Me, adore Me! I am the One Mediator between mankind and God. My protection will be upon this generation, but acknowledge Me, recognize the Truth and do not be afraid. I want to gather your souls – to give you Eternal Life, not eternal damnation...

Follow Me under the cross! Do not leave Me alone!

Now I bless you in the Name of the Father, in My Most Holy Name, and of the Holy Spirit!


SHORT REFLECTION [by Gisella Cardia]

This heartfelt, “heartrending” plea comes to us from the Son of God as Holy Week approaches. It allows us to understand with what pain and regret Jesus is moving toward the Hour of Gethsemane.

He invites us never to abandon the Cross, as He did. But to embrace and love it, for only then can we attain Eternal Life!

Today more than ever, a great persecution is taking place through hatred, against Jesus and against those who strive in their daily lives to bear witness to the Faith. How many Christians in every part of the world are slaughtered and martyred every day in hatred of the Faith, precisely because they try to defend the Truth transmitted by Jesus in the Gospel?

Sometimes it is sad to see so many brothers and sisters in the faith, who allow themselves to be “kidnapped” by the breath of Satan, which emanates even in the hearts of the most righteous: hatred, rancour and violence. Let us not forget that none of us is exempt from the temptations of the Evil One. In each one of us, the traitorous spirit of Judas, who is always ready to “sell” Jesus again to “pander” to the desires of the world, always creeps in.

It is very moving to hear that He weeps for us, because He does not want our damnation, but eternal salvation. The reason He allowed Himself to be crucified is precisely this, so that through the sacrifice of His Life, we might all be redeemed and saved.

Therefore, in these last days that separate us from Holy Easter, let us not be distracted by so many things. But let us recognise that only in Him, and for Him, does our life have reason to exist, through silent Eucharistic Adoration, which we intend to resume and relive at the Sepulcher that will be set up in our parish communities.

On this solemn day, let us entrust ourselves with childlike love to the paternal intercession of St. Joseph, Mary’s chaste husband and Jesus’ putative father.

Have a good journey.


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