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Gisella Cardia – “Communism has entered the Church!”

Message from Jesus to Gisella Cardia

February 17, 2024

“Dear daughter and sister of My heart, thank you for welcoming Me.

Daughter, I ask you to offer your sufferings for the priests and for My Church, where confusion reigns.

I wash them with My blood and I redeem them with My suffering, but many do not understand that salvation is not found in political ideologies or in following someone.

Their salvation is to ask for My help and to speak about God. Have the courage to testify a strong and convinced Faith in Me. Have the courage not to abandon the souls in need of comfort and love. Instead, they leave My Church, and sometimes those who remain do not know what to do.

My daughter, your offer will be appreciated, for these My beloved ones who have lost their way and reason, trusting in the world instead of in Me.

How many mistakes sadden me with continuous lacerations of My flesh and My heart.

Communism has entered the Church! For this, you will suffer a lot – even more when it has reached its peak.

I do not abandon you... You must say that their conversion is urgent! I want to save them together with My most beloved Mother, whom they no longer listen to.

I ask you to join your hands to Her, Safe Harbor, for the Salvation of your souls.

Now I leave you with My blessing in the name of the Father, in my Most Holy Name, and of the Holy Spirit.

Your Jesus”

BRIEF REFLECTION [by Gisella Cardia]

These heartfelt words from the Son of God invite us even more to commit ourselves to undertake a real and serious journey of Faith, so that we can work together with Him to help so many souls that need “comfort and love.”

Zealously, we must pray for the Bride of Jesus, the Church, so that its ministers cannot fall into the temptations of the world, placing their trust in “political ideologies,” in its fashions, and in the men who propose themselves as saviors, but they do nothing but lead the world and souls into full and total spiritual blindness.

We must not forget that our only Savior is Jesus. And that our only refuge and “Safe Harbor,” where we can dock the ship of our soul, is Mary, our sweetest Mother, who with maternal care accompanies us and protects us in this stormy sea of the world.

Therefore, in this period of Lent, during which Jesus is preparing to give Himself to all, let us not allow “his flesh and his heart to be lacerated” by our infidelities. Rather, we fully adhere to His invitation, for a real conversion of life. Only in this way will we be certain, that with his death

and his resurrection, we will one day be saved and redeemed.

Holy path of Lent


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