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Your Liberation Is Near

[Photo released by the Vatican taken by a papal security guard when Pope John Paul II was shot on May 13, 1981]

Message from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi

Rubbio (Vicenza, Italy); January 1, 1992

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

"Today I invite you to lift up your eyes to me, beloved sons, cause your liberation is near. You are entering into the decisive times which are leading you to the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world.

Events are rapidly following one upon the other, and the new year, which you are beginning today, will bring to fulfillment at which I have revealed to you in some of my secrets.

The activity of my Adversary, to extend his reign over all humanity, will become stronger. Thus evil and sin, violence and hatred, perversion and unbelief will increase everywhere. Wars ill spread, involving additional peoples and nations, and many .my poor children will have to carry the heavy burden of this bloody cross.

But have confidence. Lift up your eyes to me, Mother of God and your true Mother. Today I announce to you that your liberation is near.

Even in the Church, the darkness will descend more densely yet and will succeed in enveloping everything. Errors will spread much more, and many will wander away from the true faith. Apostasy will spread like an epidemic, and pastors will be stricken by it along with the flocks entrusted to them. In every part of the earth, the Church, this poor agonizing and crucified Daughter of mine, will have much to suffer.

The contestation directed against the Pope will become stronger: theologians, bishops, priests and laity will openly oppose his Magisterium. My Pope will feel himself more and more alone, as he is abandoned, criticized and ridiculed by many.

But have great confidence and patience. Be strong in faith and in hope. Lift up your eyes to me, Mother of God and your true Mother. Today I announce to you that your liberation is near.

Come out from your hiding, my beloved sons, and go everywhere to enlighten the earth with the sole light of Christ. Your times have arrived. Do not be afraid if you are unknown to the world, if you are despised, rejected and persecuted. I am always with you. Show yourselves to all as my beloved sons, my consecrated ones, the apostles of these last times whom I, for twenty years now, have been forming, with the messages which I give by means of this littlest of my sons.

Walk along the road of contempt for the world and for yourselves, of humility and littleness, of love and purity. In this way you become Good Samaritans for the Church of today which is suffering so much. Love always; judge no one. Assist all with the tenderness of your priestly love.

Be united to the Pope in order to support him in carrying his great cross to Calvary.

Set out upon all the roads of the world, in search of my poor straying children. Take up in your priestly arms the poor, the sick, the desperate, the abandoned, the stricken, the oppressed, and all the innumerable victims of violence, of hatred and of wars. Carry them all into the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart.

Lift up your eyes from this dark epoch in which you are living, and do not fear if, at present, Satan is the uncontested ruler of the world and the master of all humanity. Soon his reign will be reduced to a heap of ruins, and his power will be destroyed, because I myself will bind him with a chain and will shut him up in his pool of eternal fire and death, from which he will no longer be able to get out.

And it will be Jesus Christ, King of eternal glory, who will reign over the whole renewed world and thus bring about the beginning of the new times, which are on the point of arriving.

For this reason, I repeat to you at the beginning of this new year: have confidence. Live each day in faith and in a great hope. Lift up your eyes to me, Mother of God and your true Mother.

Today I announce to you that your liberation is near."​



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