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“war is soon to spread throughout the world”

Messages from Jesus to Jennifer

June 11, 2012

8:15 p.m.

My child, I call My children to a time of prayer before Me in My most Blessed Sacrament. My children, pray for those whose hearts have hardened to Me, for their indifference pierces My Heart.

My children, pray for those who are soon to be weeping, for their cries will be heard all around this world. Man must begin to understand that he is on this earth to serve one master, one God and Father – and not himself. The greatest fall of Adam and Eve was their lack of obedience to the one commandment I gave them.

It is time to arise from your slumber, My children, for war is soon to spread throughout the world. Israel will appear to be the fallen nation but will rise up again in the end. America will stumble with bringing forth a new leader as you, My children, will be reduced as a nation due to your greed.

I told you before that I can no longer warn in mercy to a world that seeks the hand of justice. Too many seek to build their houses on sand and not on rock and when you remove the Lord your God from My creation and terminate My plan, your ways will crumble. This earth will shake from one side to the next and the oceans will form new coastlines.

New diseases will spread, and medicines will not aid in curing due to the murdering of My little ones through the sin of abortion. You cannot fight evil with evil. I warn you, My children, that Satan is on the prowl, for he seeks your soul because he is no longer satisfied with the ones he has.

Come, My children – through prayer and fasting you will gain many graces. I am Jesus, the light of the world, the light that can never be extinguished. Stay close to Me in the Eucharist and keep My dwelling place clean and pure through reconciliation.

You would not desire for a guest to come to your home if it were dirty and unkempt; then why do you desire that for your King and Savior? Open your eyes, open your hearts to Me, for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

June 6, 2012

6:30 p.m.

My child, when My children say the words “we believe in one God the Father Almighty,” they must truly live by what is commanded by My Father. You cannot say you believe if you are not striving to be obedient to the Commandments and live the Gospel message.

My children, you have much to inherit by following Me, but woe to the foolish ones who find their paradise in the ways of the world. It is a world that is washing away, it is a world that is burying itself from the truth, and without truth you have nothing, for I am Jesus; I am the truth.

My children, I call you to a time of examining your conscience, a time when you can turn off the noise around you and spend time before Me in My most Blessed Sacrament. I desire for you to speak to Me, and I to you. In order for you to come to know Me, you must come and visit with Me often for I already know you.

You are each a perfection of My creation, a perfection of the divine plan, and the only thing that keeps from allowing the divine plan to be executed through you is pride and a lack of humility. My children, the hour has come for you to come to Me and take refuge in My most Sacred Heart for what is about to be executed upon the world by the just hand of My Father, for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

June 2, 2012

3:00 p.m.

My child, up until now My children have failed to listen to My warnings. I tell you this: that the hour is now, for justice will thunder and lightning will strike from the Divine throne and pierce the hearts of those who have failed to heed to My mercy, those loath in obedience to My Commandments and relish in their sinfulness.

There will be no more not knowing the truth, for the world will see the truth by way of My Warning to mankind. Before this time, I will shower My faithful with the graces necessary to live through this chastisement that is about to open up upon the world.

Pray, My faithful ones. Pray for the conversion of sinners. Pray for those who remain lukewarm, for they are the ones who pierce My Heart greatly. My children, I must simplify to purify and I must purify to simplify. Your communications will cease, and you will be brought to your knees in a way that only My Father can author. I do not send these words to cause fear; rather in a way that you will understand the greatness of My mercy, the greatness of My love, for I am Jesus. Now go forth and prepare your hearts today, for it is My mercy and justice that will prevail.


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