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Very Urgent Message from Fr. Michel Rodrigue

[Photo of a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe that has been shedding tears of blood recently in Mexico]

World War III is about to start with France being the catalyst. Fr. Michel Rodrigue says the novena that Our Lady of Medjugorje asks from us is extremely important (see our homepage for that); it will not stop the war from starting, but it will mitigate things. Our Lady is in great pain, and Fr. Michel says that in his life of receiving extraordinary mystical experiences since being young, he has never witnessed the Holy Spirit being upset. Please watch this half-hour video to learn more about what everyone hoped would not happen... Please pray the novena (it does not matter if you start late; there is no time with God). We can see why the devil will do anything to attack and discredit current private revelation...

Click here to watch this very important video:


Here is another important video of his regarding the novena:


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