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AUGUST 21, 2023 (Official Translation)

Brothers and sisters,

I see sweet Jesus in the majesty proper to His Divinity and He says to me:

My beloved,

How I rejoice over human beings who decide to convert and do not waver in that decision, given the urgency of being firm, strong and determined to be blessed by Me!

Going through the process of conversion, my children leave behind them foul-smelling chunks of meat that they carry with them, and without realizing it, they continue to be spiritually blind and proud, futile. Humanity is full of such people and it is urgent that they have the strength to see themselves as they are, with their personal defects, and not to look at those of others.

Blockages exist which, by dint of repetition, become heavy stones; attached to the body like spores, they make you suffer from false wisdom, from appearances that are temporary and typical of "wolves in sheep's clothing" (Mt. 7:15).

Look at the times and how you are placing your feet on the ground:

Are you standing firm? Do you feel the ground firmly, My children? Will this firmness last?

See your brothers and sisters who are tasting the bitterness of pain and the force of nature.

I call you to embark upon the Path of Truth, but of humble Truth... of Truth that loves... of Truth that gives itself... of Truth that does not want everything for itself.... of Truth that knows the way of a true child of Mine, on whom I work with a chisel in order to sculpt them.

My children, without the gentleness of the Truth and without the discretion of the Truth, you will only manage to impose yourselves by force... Will you be loved or rejected? And what have I sent you to do? I have sent you to be fraternal and to be keepers of The Commandments.

You confuse raising your voice in front of your brothers and sisters with demonstrating strength, power or wisdom. In this way you obtain the opposite effect and are rejected.

The majority of My children suffer persecution by those who do not love Me and persecution of their own making. Not only are My children persecuted, but they will be more so, since My Divine Love within human beings makes the enemy of the soul vomit, trapping them through base instincts and the pride that is the master of fallen souls.

You have persecutors and do not know it:

Envy is a bad companion and a great persecutor of persons themselves.... The ignorance of a proud person is their great persecutor... Foolishness is a fierce persecutor of oneself... A lack of understanding towards one’s brothers and sisters comes back to a person and their own square meter. Some spiritual obstacles have repercussions for oneself and spread out towards one’s fellow men.

My Jesus shows me a person who is almost motionless to the extent that they turn in on themselves and refuse to yield, capriciously refusing to accept Divine Requests for internal change – a transformation that has to start by looking at yourself and realizing that you are not what Our Lord expects from a good child.

Then He says to me:

My Beloved,

Humanity is headed towards severe suffering; evil prevails and My children reject the good.

One human being with improper thoughts is enough to cause evil to all those around them. A single creature of good changes the world and those whom they touch in their life.

Tell them, My daughter, that the elements will scourge humanity in general and that you must prepare yourselves by helping one another. Tell them that having a heart of stone causes you to be conformed to the evil oppressor of the soul, to harden and even to be in great danger of joining the Devil.

Suffering is fast approaching: so many countries will suffer that one country will not be able to help others: it will not be the right moment for them to do so.

Europe, a cradle of great human achievements, will cease to be so, given what awaits it: the seizure of countries and invasion imposed by force. There will come a time when borders will not concern movement from one country to another, but the transfer of prisoners of war. My children will be shocked at what they will experience, at the evil that will emerge from human beings in times of crucial decisions.

A brief silence... and my beloved Lord Jesus Christ continues:


I am sending My dearly beloved Angel of Peace, not so that human beings should expect to be saved without personal merit or think that He will come to change their works and actions, because change within you should have already taken place. He rather comes to give My Word to those who thirst for Me, to those who desire to convert in the midst of the dominion of the Antichrist, with the angelic humility of one who, being prepared by My Mother, is My Mother's treasure for these times.

My Angel of Peace is an angel because he is a faithful messenger of My Word, which he knows to perfection, and he is the one who has been appointed by My House to teach you the Law of Love.

Beloved children, do not fear: My Guardian Angels are protecting and will protect you. Be exemplary children and you will receive the best reward: My House as an inheritance.

May My blessings be within each person the balm that draws you to Me.

Giving Me a blessing extended to all, He said to Me:

I bless you all, My beloved ones.

Your Jesus



Brothers and Sisters:

Faced with these words of my beloved Jesus, human words are superfluous.

My Lord and my God, I believe in You, but increase my faith.

My Mother, Sanctuary of Love, fill me with You so that I would not fall into the clutches of my own will, driven mad by worldly things.



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