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Stop Watching Private Revelation on YouTube Channels

May 23, 2023

A few months ago, like many others, I noticed messed-up private revelation messages on YouTube. I even called one YouTube Channel/group on it a few times. The first time I received a ridiculous answer that "we need to pray and discern." The second time there was no response. At first, I thought those behind these videos were suffering from hubris and grave irresponsibility, but at least might have good intentions. Then, as I saw that there was a sizeable number of these highly questionable YouTube Channels, I concluded that they were being produced by the One World Order to nullify one of its great enemies, private revelation, which was exposing its agenda/plans.

Most of these videos are being produced as part of Satan's plan to give private revelation a bad name so people are confused and ultimately reject it as a whole or individual messengers or end times private revelation particularly.

With the assistance of Artificial Intelligence/AI ( ) and Chat GPT ( ), these trash videos are incredibly sensational, tacky-looking, and believable to the uninitiated or ignorant, as I was. They do not put the dates of the messages so one can investigate on one's own, and, ironically, they put all manner of dates when this or that or a horrific event will happen. The videos are clearly aimed at end times private revelation, but also Christianity and most probably conservatism (all major enemies of the devil).

Whether or not there are humans behind these attacks is not a central issue even; these bogus videos use video images, music, and somewhat believable messages to first-time users so they become regular users. The goal: get those interested in heaven's messages to believe in imitations of real messages, which they are very cleverly based on. The voices can be false but very human-sounding electronic voices.

A small number of these videos may be made by well-meaning individuals, but the problem is so pervasive now on YouTube, that my only recommendation is to never watch these counterfeit videos that suck you in. Rather, stick with a website like this one that only shares the verbatim and entire text of private revelation messages, or go to the messenger's official website. These websites are safe and reliable whereas the YouTube private revelation channels are generally very dangerous and demonic in origin. They intentionally come across as innocuous but are far from innocent.

This is a trick by the dark side using incredible AI and Chat GPT technology to not just fool you, but to make you conclude that you should throw out private revelation in general. They do this primarily by setting up dates on the title page that are nowhere in actual private revelation (as a rule God does not give dates). Then, when these dates do not come true, the followers reject private revelation as a whole. Do you see how this works and what the people behind this are doing?

I am not an expert in this technology, but I immediately was troubled by these videos because 1) I knew they were not true to the messengers, and 2) I saw that this was therefore a plot by the One World People/Masons to create profound distrust in private revelation. On both accounts I was correct.

Please, please do not fall into this nefarious scheme, and, rather, stick with a website like mine or the original websites of the messengers themselves (I have included their websites at the end of each message I have posted since day one.) This is the only sure-fire way of protecting yourself.

Authentic private revelation is helping God's children greatly, and some of it is revealing too much for the Illuminati/Masons, so they are seeking to destroy it at all costs. Ultimately, it is the devil behind this plot.

"Be sober, be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking some one to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith [...]" (1 Peter 5:8-9).


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