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“My Church is without a shepherd to tend to My sheep”

Updated: May 4

A Call to All the Children of God

Message from Jesus and Mary received on February 8, 2024

Message received in Español by Sr. Amapola

[Note: This writing was given to me at the Teocalli, on Tepeyac (at the Mission). I was told to go there and that there They would dictate it to me.]

(Our Blessed Mother) I will speak first, daughter.  Write.

From My new Tepeyac I speak to you, children.

From My Sanctuary I send you My Love and My Consolation, and once more I tell you to look at My Son and to do everything that He tells you to do.

He is the living Word of the Father, His Love made flesh for you.

Children, the battle looms and you are asleep.  I come to awake you; as a good Mother who, being vigilant and keeping watch over Her children, and seeing the increasing danger, shakes her children so that they may not perish without fighting.

Children, these are the times announced from of old, in which the thrice cursed serpent will poison many, and meddle [1] in what is Ours, and will rise to confuse the nations with his puppets, his servants, to destroy all that is of God and to take His place and sovereignty.  His longing to be adored and his hatred for God have motivated him to prepare for centuries what is now being unveiled before your eyes.

I have come to you, children, time and time again, year after year, to warn you, to call you to the battle, to give you weapons with which to fight and defeat Satan’s works.

But how few of you have listened to Me.  How few of you have understood Me and placed yourselves at My disposal in order for Me to form My luminous army.

How few, children.  How few.

From My new Tepeyac – yes, new, for from here will flow the great River of Grace to reconquer all of the children of God – from this little piece of land, hidden, rough, I call out to you once more.

Children, there is no time left.  The battle, Our counterattack begins.  It begins with these Words, which We give to you as Light, Protection, Guidance and consolation.

Our Words.

Do not ignore them.  Receive them and welcome them into your souls.

They will give you Light to see in the darkness of the confusion that now reigns in the Church and in the world.

They will give you the Guidance that you need, now that My Church is without a shepherd to tend to

My sheep, to My children.

They will give you the protection that you need against all the attacks of those who have clothed themselves in sheep’s clothing and in false meekness, but who are ravenous wolves that are devouring My children without pity – confusing, distorting the supreme and radiant Truth to then destroy the souls of My children.

[Be] on guard, My children.  You are hated because you are children of God and Me.

They want to destroy you, children.

Arise with Me to fight and defend, to uncover and with Me to crush the filthy devil in his pride.

And receive My Words of Love and consolation [smile]

You are wounded, My little children; some more, some less, but all of you carry wounds – [from] your own decisions; [from] the hatred of Satan – and all of you need Our Healing, all of you need Our help.

My children, I give My Jesus to you again.  I give Him to you with all My personal love.

I give Him to you as your King.

I give Him to you as your Savior and Redeemer.

I give Him to you as your Captain.  As your Master.

As your Refuge and Protection.

Jesus.  Jesus.  Jesus.

Only Him, children.  Only He saves.

Only He Purifies.  Only He heals.

There is no other, children.

Do not be confused.

Many voices try and will try to pass as His.  Many say and will say that they do everything in His Name.  But look at their works.  Look at the fruits, children.  DO NOT IGNORE THEM.

The Father Most Holy has given all authority and all judgment to the Son.

Only His Name saves, children.  There is no other name.  Before Him shall all knees bend and all foreheads bow.


Children, open your eyes and look at your God.  Keep your gaze steadfast on Him.

Lay aside your thoughts and human criteria, for they are infected by the reigning lack of Faith.

And I, your Mother, will take you by the hand and will prepare your soul to receive the supreme Gift that is the beautiful and radiant simple Faith that gives life to everything in your being.

You need this luminous Faith in the center of your soul to be able to face the present and coming times, in which everything that seemed to be stable will crumble down.

You need this Faith to be able to receive all that We desire to give you, and that you need in order to work in Our Plan and be instruments of Grace for all your brothers who still live in the darkness of the separation from God.

Come to Me, My little children – I am your Mother, full of love for Her little ones.

I clasp you to My Heart and I bring you in My arms to My Jesus.

Do not refuse this Gift of Mine, children.

Do not refuse this time of Grace.

After the last call comes the cry of the trumpet that begins the great battle.

All that takes place is a preparation for this battle, and you need to be prepared.

You have been created for these times and for this battle.

And I, your Mother and your Queen, remind you of it.

Amen.  The times have come.

And our God arises with Power.

Blessed is he who receives these Words and allows them to bear their fruit.

Blessed is he who abandons himself to Me and allows Me to form him.  He will be a worthy soldier of

the Divine Word Who descends once again to make His Truth shine.

The Eternal Truth – luminous, Imperishable.

Children, with Me and with all the heavenly hosts, let us adore

Him Who Is, Who Was, and Who Is to Come.

The Father, the Almighty.

The Son, the Redeemer.

The Most Holy Spirit of God, the Sanctifier and Restorer.

To the One and Triune God be all praise, honor, glory, and power,

For ever and ever.


Listen to My Voice, little children.

Your Heavenly Mother,

Mary Most Holy, your Immaculate Queen,

Who, together with you, will crush the head of the filthy serpent.



(Now Jesus continues) Now I, your Lord and God, speak to you.

I speak to you from this Throne of Mine, this little hill in which I will show My Power and My Love.

Look at My Cross, children. What do you see?

My absolute Obedience. My total abandonment.

The living Testimony given to the Words and to the Will of My Father.

The Seal with My Blood over the Eternal Truth – unchangeable and ever fruitful.

The fulfillment of the entrusted Mission for the good of humanity and all that has come forth from the Heart of the Father.

The Perfect cooperation with the Plan of the Father – the Plan of Mercy, Plan of Grace, Plan of Restitution and Vindication.

Look again.  What do you see?

My pierced hands, feet, and side.

The pain that is offered – the complete Offering of body, soul, and spirit – which is consumed to the last step, the last drop, the last effort, to be faithful to the Will of the Father.

The COMPLETE Offering.

The Offering to which you unite your sorrows, sufferings, and efforts.

The great Offering that bears continuous fruit, and that now reaches its fullness.

Everything, children, is prepared in Faith, in Obedience, in Humility, and in Pain.

I have given you an example with My life.


Follow Me.

Follow Me in this tremendous Hour, when – as on that Friday in which all of the powers of the devil

united to torment Me and put Me to death – they now come together once more to torment and put My Church, My Mystical Body, to death; and thus give death to all that belongs to God.

Satan has never ceased longing to be adored.  And what you see now is his plan to supplant God in everything.

I let him show his plan, uncover his servants and his machinations, so that you can see them.  So that you can realize who he is and where he has infiltrated himself.

Children, he has infiltrated EVERYTHING.

And he thinks that he will have dominion over all.

And I must let him continue to believe thus, while I gather My army to destroy his works at the appointed Hour.

This is the Hour, children.

I call you to My army.

I speak to you and I will speak to you – do not reject My Voice.

My Voice will thunder and will resound, and will destroy every work of Satan.

Open your eyes and your ears to these words of Mine.

Your God speaks to you.

He speaks to you from His Throne in Heaven,

He speaks to call you and awaken you.

He speaks to console your pain of feeling abandoned.


Listen to Me, children.

Listen to Me.

Your Jesus +

The Divine Word Who speaks to you here and now.


[1] I could not find a better word to translate “inmiscuir”, which in Spanish has a more negative connotation, especially in the sense in which Our Lady is using it – like saying that the enemy sneaks himself into everything, in a very conniving way.  At least that is my sense of how the word is being used.





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