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Sr. Amapola – Do Not Reject My Gift

Message from God the Father to Sr. Amapola

(Received in Spanish)

[God the Father]

My children all,  

Draw near to My Heart. 

In these holy days that you are about to live, in which you remember the Ineffable Love of Our Most Holy Trinity – Love that is expressed in the Gift that I, your Father, give you in My Most Beloved Son, My Firstborn Son – My Jesus – My Living Word, sent to you to bring you My Love, to show you My Face and My Heart, so that receiving My Love in Him, you would return to Me. 

Love that is expressed by the Obedience and total Sacrifice – Body, Soul, Spirit, Divinity – of My Jesus, out of love for Me and you, to ransom your souls from the dominion of Satan, to defeat sin in your hearts with His Victory, and to bring to you the balm of hope. 

Love that is expressed in the Cross, where Love and Pain are united in the Most Perfect Offering that makes you capable of receiving the Divine Fire, Our Most Holy Spirit. 

You see, children, how – in the midst of the most atrocious betrayal, abandonment, hatred, and blasphemy after blasphemy – Our Action had never been manifested with such Love, Power, and Grace, as in those very dark Hours. 

And you see what Our Love for you has accomplished in That Hour. 

Children – this is the blackest Hour once more, of an even deeper and more horrendous darkness, for now the betrayal is with full knowledge and with souls that bear the Seal of Redemption. [1] 

Children, you do not understand the atrociousness of this betrayal. [2] 

Nor how I will crush it. [3] 

The Mystical Body of My Jesus has been betrayed, sold, used, to enthrone the son of Satan who is about to appear. [4]

This Most Holy Body [5] is being abandoned, rejected; not in the manner you think – by My children separating themselves from it – but rather by abandoning all that gives life to this Body:  My teachings and commandments, your union with Me by means of the fulfillment of My Will, FAITH in Me.  This separation is like a cancerous cell – it does not separate itself physically from the body, it remains in it, but it separates itself from the proper order I established for that cell, and it distorts itself, it becomes deformed, and instead of building this Body according to My Will, it becomes something monstrous and deformed, that kills the whole Body – weakening it more and more, and causing endless unnecessary suffering. 

My children, 

All of you have rejected Our Love at some point.  All of you need My Mercy and Forgiveness.  All of you need the bath of My Grace.  And ALL OF YOU, children, need My Light. 

Open your hearts to this Light that will descend upon you soon.  Receive it with Love, for it is a sign of My Infinite Love that spares NOTHING for the good of My children – you, My little ones. 

Children, repair the offense to your Father with your acts of FAITH and TRUST and with the holy Abandonment that allows Me to do so much in your souls – marvels of My Grace. 

In these Most Holy days, offer Me EVERYTHING.  All that I allow in your lives, in your daily living. Give it to Me as an offering of reparation. 

My children, what I ask of you for these days is your FAITH. 

See how everything is rooted in FAITH – the horror that takes place when there is no FAITH – and the Marvels I accomplish when I find it. 

What did My Jesus do in these Most Holy days? 

He fulfilled My Will.  He Obeyed My Will.  He emptied Himself in such a way that only My Will remained in Him – He turned all of Himself exclusively into “The Will of My Father.” [6]   This is why He bore everything, suffered everything, expiated everything for you.  Out of Love for Me and My Will, which is nothing other than Love and Mercy for My creatures. 

In this, Children, is how I want you to imitate Him.  Empty yourselves of yourselves, of your desires, of your very limited thoughts, of your own will, so that you can receive My Will in you, so that you place it in the center of your being. 

My Will is Me in your souls. 

My children, if you want to walk as My Jesus did – faithful unto the Cross, faithful unto the last lance-thrust – you need the Presence of your Heavenly Mother, My Beloved and Most Highly Favored One – Mary Most Holy, Whom I have given to you as a Refuge, Protection, Consolation and Guide. [7] 

The Immaculate One – by My Will and by Her own will, for She never sullied My Will with Her own thinking– My Will that reigns in Her as the noon-time sun on a clear day. 

Children, this is the most perfect imitation that I want in you – to sacrifice your own will, your own thinking, in order to receive My Will, My Light. 

Children, the Heart of My Jesus was pierced to obtain for you the Grace of receiving My Will in your spirit.  Do not waste such a Gift obtained with such pain.[8]

“Let it be done to me according to thy word.”

“Father, into Thy hands I commend My Spirit.” [9]

Console My Heart, children.

Your Father Who loves you +


[1] He is referring to the seal of Baptism.

[2] Behind these words said with such seriousness, I perceived the depth of the horror and the grief of all of Heaven at seeing how baptized souls reject God.

[3] How much strength and authority is behind these brief and simple words.

[4] I understand this to refer to the Antichrist.

[5] The use of this phrase to refer to the Church surprised me, because we usually use it exclusively in reference to the Most Holy Eucharist or Jesus’ physical Body.  I sense that perhaps He uses it to emphasize that the Church – like Jesus Himself – is a gift of His Love, and how serious it is to reject or distort this gift of His.

[6] Being God and being One with the Father, His Will is the same as the Father’s.  But here He is referring to the cooperation of His Humanity.  “My Father, if it be possible, let this chalice pass from Me. Nevertheless not as I will, but as Thou wilt.”  (Mt 26:39)

[7] The majority of references to Our Blessed Mother are dictated to me with capital letters, as a sign of Their great Love for Her and of the unique place She has, and to teach us to appreciate the greatness of Who She is for the Most Holy Trinity.  The use of capital letters is only one more way to express in the written word what is communicated beyond the words themselves.

[8] How much Love and how much Pain is behind these words.

[9] Lk 1:38 and Lk 23:46 respectively.


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