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Second Shocking Vision Received by a Religious Sister in Columbia

Nun in Colombia: the text of her second vision after that of Pope Benedict XVI 

Translation: Transcript of Radio Rosa Mystica in Colombia 


[Received sometime before April 24, 2023]


“I saw myself entering a very large church and at the entrance there were three doors: A large central door and two side doors. I went to the church, which looked like a large basilica, dressed in my religious habit. Inside, there was a very unpleasant, foul, rotten smell and everything looked dirty. On the floor there was garbage, there were no images of saints, only the ceiling and the walls were beautifully painted, but I started to see frescoes on the wall about the end of time, where demons were taking the dying to hell.


Then I saw a crowd of people waiting to enter the confessional, but behind each person there was a demon preventing them from confessing their sins, however an angel invited them to confession while the demons whispered to them not to do so. Inside the confessional, the confessor was asleep.

I then walked to the main altar. I saw on the sides, two disused altars, abandoned, and when I arrived in front of the main altar, the smell was nauseating. I looked for the tabernacle with the Blessed Sacrament inside to adore it and it was not there. I looked for a place to sit to pray the rosary and there was no representation of the Blessed Virgin, at the bottom there was just a cross, without the crucified. Then I heard a bell to call the people to Mass and they arrived in a great tumult, there were many fasters dressed in bright colors, they were dancing as if in a festive atmosphere, others eating chewing gum and others smoking. They all reflected a state of inebriation, of all ages, arrogant women who sat in the choir, women who practiced abortion and wore tight pants and dressed vulgarly, then children entered, scantily dressed, then people whose gender could not be distinguished, all of them moved forward like lizards, there were also elderly women who entered with their dogs and cats, well perfumed.


I asked myself: Where am I?


Then I saw entering a bishop who wore a simple miter, without decoration dressed in a crumpled habit, which looked like a bad rag, and behind him two priests who wore the [miter or clerical garb?] but the clothes were some rags like a nightgown.


In the rectory there were naked girls dancing like butterflies, and the bishop and priests were happy to see them like that.


The altar was without a tablecloth, an old carved wooden altar, deteriorated.


The bishop was Bergoglio. He was very happy to see his women dancing at the altar. A big mountain of smoke came out behind him, and I saw him change into an infernal being, his face became frightening, and his eyes were black and shiny. He was very scary. He had a mischievous smile all the time. In the middle of the mass, some heavily dressed cardinals accompanied by several priests. They had a kind of thick hammer in their hands, and they started to hit the walls and it was as if they wanted to destroy everything. There were many priests who entered through the three doors of the church. The cardinals who were present were telling them where to destroy. I was terrified. There was music in the background, as if it was a party. Their speech was confusing.


The nun saw all the priests with a hammer in hand, as the masters use in Freemasonry to lead the meeting.


The vision explains to us the agents of Freemasonry infiltrated in the Church.


Bergoglio continued the mass without worrying about what was happening. When he raised the sacred host, in front of the altar the abyss opened. There was a great crack in the ground and everything was swallowed up. A force of destruction engulfed the whole church, the half-naked girls in the church fell into this abyss, as well as all those who attended mass in that place. I began to hear screams from all sides. It was like an earthquake in the church, the doors and walls were shaking. The cardinals and priests with their gavels in their hands were falling into hell. The pews, the walls collapsed into the abyss. Everything had become confusion and terror. I saw that Bergoglio was petrified and the host came out of his hands and hung over the altar and Bergoglio went down alive into the abyss.


I was very afraid.


I looked at the host that was shining, full of light, and hanging in the air. Christ will prevail on the altar itself and He will defeat Bergoglio with His holy presence as well as all the Masonic, homosexual, and Pachamama-worshipping beings who have infiltrated the Church to destroy it.

Everything in the Church was destroyed, there was nothing left, and the people all went down alive to the abyss that opened on the earth. After that, the great fissure opened on the earth closed noisily and it was like a click that was heard as when a door closes with a key.


I heard shouts, blasphemies and insults to God. Bergoglio’s voice, swallowed by hell, ceased to be heard. A complete silence… The only thing that shone was the sacred host that was above me and I was alone.


I was not touched by this great disaster of the abyss, and I adored my Lord, and I heard the voice of the Lord saying: ‘My Church will be saved by the Eucharist and the Holy Rosary, and the powers of hell will not prevail over it.’”


[The commentator of Radio Rosa Mystica in Colombia tells us that the nun had a vision of what was going to happen in the Church: the Lord is going (to let the whole pagan Church be swallowed by?) hell and then it will blossom with the Eucharist.]




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