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Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi: “The Times of Battle”

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Cologne (Germany); May 13, 1980

Anniversary of the First Apparition at Fatima

"This is my great battle!

What you are seeing and what you are living through forms part of my plan, hidden in the secret of my Immaculate Heart.

The Most Holy Trinity has entrusted to me the task of leading its army in the terrible struggle against Satan who, as ever, is the most astute and ruthless enemy of God.

God has entrusted the carrying out of his victorious plan to me, the littlest slave of the Lord, because the spirit of pride and rebellion may still be conquered by the humility and obedience of your heavenly Mother.

My Adversary has dared to attack the Most Holy Trinity, obscuring its great work of love and of glory.

He has obscured the work of the Father, by seducing other creatures to rebellion against God, by means of the spread of atheism to a degree that mankind has never before known.

To render fruitless the redemptive work of the Son, he has attempted to bedim his Church with error which has entered into her interior, and with infidelity which has spread like a terrible cancer. He keeps aflame the confrontation with the Pope, whom Jesus set in the Church as the center of unity and as the guardian of truth.

He has obscured the work of the Holy Spirit, succeeding in extinguishing the light of divine life in many souls, through sin. It is readily committed and even justified by many; and by some, it is no longer even confessed.

But the Woman Clothed with the Sun who has begun her great battle, continues to wage it each day through you, my faithful little cohort.

By means of you, I want to restore to its splendor the work of creation, of redemption and of sanctification, in such a way that the Most Holy Trinity will receive the greatest degree of glory.

Do not become disturbed by the darkness which has spread about, because this is part of the plan of my Adversary; it is on the other hand part of my own victorious plan, namely, that of dispelling the darkness so that the light may everywhere return.

And the light will shine resplendently throughout creation when it will once again sing the love and glory of God, following on the defeat of every form of atheism and of proud rebellion.

The light of truth, of fidelity and of unity will once again shine fully in the Church. My Son Jesus will manifest Himself fully in such a way that the Church will become light for all the nations of the earth.

I will make the light of grace shine in souls. The Holy Spirit will communicate Himself to them in superabundance, in order to lead them to the perfection of love.

These are the times of the great battle.

The Woman clothed with the sun battles against the red Dragon.

I told you this at Fatima, to prepare you for the combat that also you now are called to fight.

Always forward, with courage and with trust, to the orders of your Heavenly Leader.”


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