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Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi: The Second Pentecost

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

The Second Pentecost

Shrine of Latas (Santander, Spain); May 26, 1996

Solemnity of Pentecost

"With an extraordinary cenacle of prayer and fraternity, you celebrate today the solemnity of Pentecost. You recall the prodigious event of the descent of the Holy Spirit, under the form of tongues of fire, upon the Cenacle of Jerusalem, where the Apostles were gathered in prayer, with me, your heavenly Mother.

You too, gathered today in prayer in the spiritual cenacle of my Immaculate Heart, prepare yourselves to receive the prodigious gift of the second Pentecost.

The second Pentecost will come to bring this humanity - which has again become pagan and which is living under the powerful influence of the Evil One - back to its full communion of life with its Lord who has created, redeemed and saved it.

Miraculous and spiritual tongues of fire will purify the hearts and the souls of all, who will see themselves in the light of God and will be pierced by the keen sword of his divine truth.

- The second Pentecost will come to lead all the Church to the summit of her greatest splendor. The Spirit of Wisdom will lead her to perfect fidelity to the Gospel; the Spirit of Counsel will assist her and comfort her in all her tribulations; the Spirit of Fortitude will bring her to a daily and heroic witness to Jesus. Above all, the Holy Spirit will communicate to the Church the precious gift of her full unity and of her greatest holiness. Only then will Jesus bring into her his reign of glory.

- The second Pentecost will descend into hearts to transform them and make them sensitive and open to love, humble and merciful, free of all egoism and of all wickedness. And thus it will be that the Spirit of the Lord will transform the hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.

- The second Pentecost will burn away, with the fire of his divine love, the sins which obscure the beauty of your souls. And thus, they will return to the full communion of life with God; they will be a privileged garden of his presence; and in this resplendent garden there will blossom all the virtues, cultivated with special care by me, your heavenly Gardener. Thus the Holy Spirit will pour out upon the earth the gift of his divine holiness.

- The second Pentecost will descend upon all the nations which are so divided by egoism and particular interests, by antagonisms which often set them one against the other. And thus are spread everywhere the wars and fratricidal struggles which have caused so much blood to be spilt on your streets. Then, the nations will form part of one single great family, gathered together and blessed by the presence of the Lord among you.

Today I invite you to enter into the cenacle of my Immaculate Heart, to recollect yourselves in prayer with me, your heavenly Mother. And thus, together let us implore the gift of the Holy Spirit, and together let us await the descent of the second Pentecost, which will renew the world and change the face of the earth."


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