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Our Lady Precisely Revealed the Future Covid in 2015

Message from Our Lady to Eduardo Ferreira

May 26, 2015 – Heede, Germany

[Necessary notes are from in brackets]

“My dear son, your affection for me makes Me so happy. I am the Mother of Love, the Queen of the Universe. My son, humanity is submersed in a world of pleasure, materialism and vices. Many of my children are slumbering and straying away from God. My son, those who say they are faithful to My Son, Jesus, are becoming indifferent toward their neighbor. Beloved children, you have to pray to comprehend what I am telling you. Here in Heede, in the 30s, I invited my children to pray. ( 137 ) Few put into practice this request of mine. War came and along with it much destruction and weeping. Again today, I ask you once more for prayer and penitence. Beloved children, Heaven exists as well as Hell where evil souls go to. Be careful of false philosophies that deny the truth of the Gospel. These philosophies are spreading throughout the whole world, even in the hearts of my favorite children. Pray for the priests. Pray for Pope Francis. Help him to stand firm on the chair of St. Peter. My children, you are living in very confused times, which do not allow you to notice the great dangers humanity is facing. Great suffering is about to be cast down upon all humanity. Some countries will suffer more than others. My children, in many places there will be money, but no food to buy. Children, take good care of nature. I repeat: few places will have potable water. Wherever there are springs, streams and lakes, look after these water supplies and conserve them for your children and grandchildren. Many of my children will die of hunger and others because of future war. It is necessary to pray the rosary in the family. It is necessary to teach children to pray, as they must be conscious of what is going to happen in the near future. More and more, Earth is becoming a dangerous place to live. However, I, the Queen of Peace, want to prepare your hearts for the arrival of my Divine Son. My loved ones, a great flash in the sky will show everybody that the coming of My Son, Jesus, is near. Pray, beloved children, for those who dedicate themselves to the health of others. I want to reveal here that diseases are going to increase and a new virus will appear and cause many to die. It is necessary to pray the rosary of Mercy [the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy?] at this very moment. The disease will come from the East and spread into the West. Children, in this period Heaven will be sad with man. Know, beloved children, that the cure for many infirmities is not in medicine but in faith. My children, the experiments of science will bring destruction for many of my children. Many countries shall have no peace and seek refuge in the Americas. Brazil, much loved by me, prepare your barns. Children, do not let the faith extinguish, which is the Light that illuminates your home. If the Light goes out, it will become Hell here on Earth. This is the reason to pray in the family. It makes Me so happy to see my children drawing on this Sanctuary of grace. Pray, pray for those who work here with love, so that the messages left here may reach many hearts. Pray for those who proclaim peace. Pray for China, Korea, Japan, Iraq, France, the United States and Israel. The fearful Eagle will not find a resting place on Earth because of what is happening on Earth. I am your Mother and that's why I am telling you all this today in a special way for this son's journey to Heede. My loved ones, night will turn into light because of the weapons. ( 138 ) At this time, you should pray and if possible spend more time at home with your children and friends.” Seer: “And the relatives, Our Lady? Many of them will already betray you.” “Beloved children, be sure to pray for the Pope. Practice penitence for him. Put into practice what I have asked of you. The rock will fall out of the sky... Many will have nowhere to go. Only my Heart shall be safe refuge for these children. Do not be afraid. I am your Mother and I shall protect you. Priests, my sons, pray while you can. The Pope asks for help. You should look after him well and also assure his protection. The enemy [this seems to refer to the Antichrist, who is not Pope Francis] is lurking and from inside the great temple [the Vatican]; he signals to the ones he has chosen to destroy faith. Pray the rosary together with Me. I am the Queen of the Universe. Beloved children, as I have already said, science will discover a cure for a certain disease, but only for a short time, as it will become more aggressive. The continent of Africa needs to raise altars to God, and only then shall the Light of My Son, Jesus, shine abundantly. I do not want you to be fearful, but rather to give yourselves to My Son, Jesus, as soon as possible. Children, all this punishment could be avoided if there is prayer, love and charity among you. Brazil: promote peace among nations. Practice charity with love and selflessness. My children, hate is the seed of evil. Love conquers evil. Love one another. Seek peace. The wind shall blow strongly over the Church, but I, the Mother of the Church, the Mystic Rose, am beside my children. In 2017, there will be great happenings for the Church and for the faith of many of my children. Pray for this intention. With affection I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

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