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Open Your Hearts to Hope

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Message from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi

January 1, 1994

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

First Saturday

"Beloved children, you are beginning this new year with the liturgical solemnity of my divine motherhood. I am true Mother of God. From eternity, the Heavenly Father has chosen me for this ineffable mission.

`Sacrifices and offerings You willed not, O God, but a body You have prepared for me, (cf. Heb 10:5)

In order to form a body for the Son, in his eternal plan of wisdom, the Father also prepared a body for the Mother. Thus from eternity I have come forth from his divine thought.

From all eternity, the Word contemplated me at the moment when, through my maternal assent, He was to descend into my virginal womb, even to becoming man. And thus my God was to become my Son.

From eternity, the Holy Spirit contemplated the divine prodigy of his love, which was to miraculously make my virginal womb fruitful, making me Mother without any human intervention. Thus the Holy Spirit was to become my divine Spouse.

Contemplate me today in the light of my divine motherhood, my beloved children, and open your hearts to hope.

– Open your hearts to hope, because these are the years when the greatest triumph of God, with the return of Jesus Christ in glory, is in preparation.

My divine motherhood is exercised today in preparing the way for his glorious return. As I was the humble and poor Mother of his first coming, so too am I the glorious and powerful Mother of his second coming among you.

Mine is the task of opening the door of the new era, which is awaiting you. Mine is the task of leading you towards the new heavens and the new earth. Above all, the task entrusted to the Mother of God is that of conquering Satan and every evil force, in order that God may achieve his greatest triumph in the world.

– Open your hearts to hope, because I am also Mother of all humanity. And as Mother I have always followed my children with love, throughout the course of human history.

Above all, in these last times, I feel that I am Mother of a humanity which is very much ensnared and possessed by the evil spirits. Satan is triumphing today. He has led all humanity to the rejection of God and has thus made it subject to his evil reign.

Because of this, how much have you had to suffer! Because of this, tears and blood have become your daily nourishment. Because of this, the year which is opening today will also bring you the weight of an immense suffering.

As Mother of humanity, there has been entrusted to me the task of releasing you from the slavery to Satan. Therefore, it is necessary that you now follow me in the bloody struggle, in order to obtain in the end my greatest victory. Because, Satan will be made powerless by me, and the great force of evil will be completely destroyed by me.

Then all humanity will return to a new marriage of love with its Lord, who will take it in his arms and lead it into the terrestrial paradise of a full and perfect communion of life with Him.

– Open your hearts to hope, because I am true Mother of all the Church.

In the course of the years, I have always been close to this beloved Daughter of mine, with the anxious concern and the tenderness of my motherly love. I am especially close to the Church in these last times, when she must live through the bloody hour of her purification and of the great tribulation.

For her also, the plan of the Heavenly Father must be carried out, and thus she is being called to climb the Calvary of her immolation. This most beloved Daughter of mine will be stricken and wounded, betrayed and despoiled, abandoned and led to the gibbet, where she will be crucified. The man of iniquity will enter into her interior, and he will bring to its culmination the abomination of desolation, foretold in the Holy Scriptures.

Do not lose courage, beloved children. Let your trust be strong.

At the beginning of this new year, open your hearts to hope, because you will see the events of which I foretold you already taking place. You will understand that the final years of this, your century, form part of a divine and mysterious plan, which is about be disclosed.

Open your hearts to hope, because the moment has come when our heavenly Mother will manifest herself in all her power.

I am the dawn which precedes the great day of the Lord. I am the voice which becomes strong in these times, in order to spread my prophetic announcement in every part of the earth: prepare yourselves, one and all, to receive my Son Jesus, who is even now about to return among you, on the clouds of heaven, in the splendor of his divine glory."​

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