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June 12, 2024


YEAR V, Week 13 of Virtual Rosary United with Others All Over the Country livestreaming from the barn. (S., with the grace of God, was able to set up a “GoTo Meeting” Virtual Rosary with the prayer group and others who wanted to call-in and join).  We are now with ZOOM and are all connected with S., V. and L. electronically and can be heard by everyone united on the call.)  

Sam was told/shown during the Rosary: 

God the Father was on His throne with both hands extended over all praying electronically or at home in unison. 

The Mother of Perpetual Light was in the heavens.  Most of the front-line – except for a few that came to be with their special people, and our four unborn – were present in heaven. Fr. D., Fr. L., Fr. G. and Fr. R. were praying the rosary in heaven.   

Luisa Piccarreta was behind the Divine Will Rainbow holding a rosary and Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s petition books. Three huge baskets full of rosaries were next to Luisa with St. Padre Pio by her side.   

Aborted babies in countless numbers were praying the rosary in heaven.  

The souls that were released from purgatory by praying a “Hail Mary” while passing a cemetery were in heaven waving to us. (Please continue to pray. Sam has been told that now not only souls from a particular cemetery are being released here, but equal number of souls are also being released from other parts of the world. When a cemetery is depleted, the souls are released from some other one.)    

Fr. S. was in the barn sitting in his favorite chair; the barn was filled with angels and the relic saints.

A dome of angels was over the barn and each person’s home of those participating this evening including S.’s who was livestreaming from the barn; also over his religious goods store, and over those who worked on the barn property (J. and his crew).

J.’s father was at the white mountain, as usual.  

Fr. S. led the first decade with S. and his parents from heaven responding. (It was prerecorded by S. at the very beginning of the virtual rosary.)

S. responded to the rest of the Joyful Mysteries. 

All the petition books were glowing. Everyone’s petitions were absorbed into Jesus’ and Mary’s hearts.   

Eight petitions are in the process of being answered.  

Seven new prayer requests (Please pray in advance.)  

Three good phone calls  

This evening’s rosaries were multiplied by 1,000, and 10,000 souls were released from purgatory for each person united in praying this evening. 

1,000 abortions were prevented worldwide this evening due to this evening’s rosary. 

20,000 deaths were prevented due to the coronavirus worldwide.  

S.’s rosary beads were multiplied by a hundred as well as all those using the Medjugorje rosaries from A.’s most recent trip.

The sparks from all the lit, blessed candles of the participants during the rosary are contributing to saving countless souls.

This evening’s rosary prevented the fatality of 1,000 people of those vaccinated.

Flaming arrows from every direction were deflected by the rosaries of those praying in union with the barn.

Worldwide weather patterns are being controlled by the NWO.

Extra angels will be escorting L. as she moves to Seattle.

K. and her parents led the Finding Jesus in the Temple decade.

This evening’s rosary prevented the assassination of 120 people.

The Luminous Mysteries were responded to by N. who was joined by her unborn Elmo.

P. led the Wedding Feast at Cana decade, joined by her in-laws.

The time will come when several different religious denominations will combine—for example: Baptists will combine with Lutherans, Catholics and Evangelicals. (1)

Demonic sources are working extremely hard to disrupt the upcoming presidential election.

Fr. S. said to his niece, M.: “Joy! Joy! Joy! to see you with me again.”

K. and her father, H., were steering the Little Noah’s Ark prayer group’s boat in massive storms.

A. led the Institution of the Eucharist decade as tears of joy fell on the participants’ rosaries, and Fr.

S. said, “Can’t wait to see you in Medjugorje.”

During the Sorrowful Mysteries, Luisa – with the three baskets of rosaries holding the two petition books – and St. Padre Pio were united in prayer with the prayer group. Many rosaries were being absorbed into Blessed Mother’s heart for K.   

Also, during the Sorrowful Mysteries, a drop of blood fell on the participants' rosaries as well as on S.'s beautiful roses.  

A special blessing was given by the Holy Trinity to those united this evening and upon their family members with an outpouring of multiple graces that also included the landscaping and “barnscaping” crews and their families and the grandchildren of all united this evening. 

The blessing also included S.’s beautiful, fragrant pink roses with a grace for healing. 

T. responded to the Sorrowful Mysteries. Her twin sister was participating in praying the rosary.

They will soon introduce a new single vaccine that is meant to shield from all infections, but it will be used to kill a countless number of people.

Many parts of the earth will continue to split due to the activation of earthquakes by the NWO.

Three priests will be assigned to the barn when things will begin to crumble.

During the Glorious Mysteries, all were in the palm of God the Father’s hand and immersed in light as the same light was also streaming towards their family members, as well as the landscaping crew and the “barnscaping” crew and their family members. 

S. and parents were responding to the Glorious Mysteries.

The Resurrection decade was led by A. and joined by M. as usual. M. still had the red rose pressed to his heart as he said, “Waiting for you in the coming days when you and I will once again embrace.” M. also said he will be praying for R.

The cross that L. painted and gifted to us will be united with the cross in the grotto.


Many criminal activities are in the process of being activated before, during, and after the presidential election.


The Blessed Mother said, “I am very pleased with the 3 p.m. rosary that the three of you decided to do on a daily basis. It will contribute to many positive effects."

The Assumption decade was led by M. and J. joined by P.

Another gold angel-wing medal was pinned by St. Michael on S. for a job well done.

J. and S. were joined by their parents in praying the Coronation decade. 

Fr. S. said, “Joy! Joy! Joy!” 

Special blessings and multiple graces were bestowed on all united and their family members by God the Father.  

The Holy Dove circled three times and flew up.


(1) In the one world religion to come from the New World Order

[Sam has no website.]



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