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New Interview of Fr. Michel Rodrigue

[Photo: Father at an unrelated retreat]

Since Fr. Michel Rodrigue does not have a website, there have been YouTube videos that have not been faithful to what he has received. It seems these come from sincere sources and maybe some malevolent ones. So the best way to know what the private revelation is that he is receiving, it is best to hear it directly from him. In addition to being one of heaven’s messengers, he also has been building a refuge [he is not coincidentally a very good friend of John Leary’s] and starting a new religious order, so he has not had the time to stop the errors regarding him and the messages with a website. This is a very recent video done with the expert/authority/promoter of Fr. Michel Rodrigue, Mr. Xavier Reyes Ayral. It is excellent and well worth watching the entire interview.

Click below to watch this very enlightening video of Fr. Michel:


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