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My Triumph and That of My Children

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Message from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi

July 24, 1974

"Walk in simplicity. I am leading you by the hand, and you should follow me always. Let yourself be led by me; let yourself be nourished and cradled by me like a little child in my arms.

Since Satan has today deceived the greater part of humanity by pride and by the spirit of rebellion against God, it is only through humility and littleness that it can now encounter and look upon the Lord.

Caused by the rebellion against God, by this pride which comes solely from Satan, it is the flood of the denial of God and of atheism which truly threatens to seduce a great part of humanity.

This spirit of pride and rebellion has likewise contaminated part of my Church. Even those who should be a light for others have been deceived and seduced by Satan and are now nothing more than shadows walking in the darkness of doubt, of uncertainty and of lack of faith.

They now doubt everything. My poor children, the more you search for light by your own selves and through your own strength, the deeper you will plunge into darkness!

You must return today to simplicity, to humility, to the confidence of little children, in order to see God. For this, I myself am preparing this cohort: my priests, whom I will cause to become littler, ever littler, so that they may be filled with the light and the love of God.

Humble, small, abandoned and trusting, they will all let themselves be led by me. Their weak voice will one day be changed into the roar of a hurricane, and, joining the victorious cry of the angels, it will resound in a powerful cry throughout the world: `Who is like God? Who is like God?'

Then will come the conclusive defeat of the proud, and my triumph and that of my little children."


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