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My Times Have Arrived

Message from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi

Effingham (Illinois, U.S.A.); October 13, 1994

Anniversary of the Last Apparition at Fatima

Spiritual Exercises in the Form of a Cenacle with the Bishops and Priests of the M.M.P. from the United States and Canada

"My beloved sons, great is the joy which, during these days, you give to your heavenly Mother. You have come from many parts of the United States and Canada, to live with me in a continuous cenacle of prayer and fraternity.

I join myself to your prayer; I help you to grow in mutual love, so as to become one heart and one soul. I pour balm on. your wounds; I give comfort to your numerous sufferings; and I encourage you to walk with trust and with great hope along the painful road of these last times.

Bring my motherly message to everyone.

My times have arrived.

The times which I foretold in Fatima have come. Today, you are commemorating the anniversary of my last apparition, which was confirmed by the miracle of the sun. At that time I foretold to you everything you are now experiencing in these years of the purification and the great tribulation.

- I foretold to you the great chastisement which would strike this poor humanity which has become pagan and built a new civilization without God, and which is threatened by violence, by hatred, by war, and which is running the risk of destroying itself by its own hands.

My extraordinary interventions, which I have worked in order to bring humanity back onto the road of conversion and of its return to the Lord, have been neither accepted nor believed.

So it is now that you find yourselves at the vigil of the great trial which I foretold to you: it will be the supreme manifestation of the divine justice and mercy.

Fire will descend from heaven, and humanity will be purified and completely renewed, so as to be ready to receive the Lord Jesus who will return to you in glory.

- I also foretold to you the great crisis which would take place in the Church, because of the great apostasy which has entered into her, caused by an ever-wider diffusion of errors, by her interior division, by opposition to the Pope and by the rejection of his Magisterium.

This most beloved Daughter of mine must live the hours of her agony and of her sorrowful passion. She will be abandoned by many of her children. The impetuous wind of persecution will blow against her, and much blood will be shed, even by my beloved sons.

My times have arrived.

And so I invite you to follow me along the road of prayer and penance, of purity and holiness.

See how your countries have become victims of materialism and of the unbridled search for pleasure! The Law of God is being more and more violated. Impurity is being advertised through all the means of social communication. Recourse is being had to every means of impeding life. Abortions are increasing everywhere and are being legitimized by unjust and immoral laws.

My times have arrived.

Tell everyone to enter into the ark of my Immaculate Heart, in order to be protected and saved by me. I request that you multiply your cenacles of prayer among priests, among children, among youth, and especially in families.

I have been consoled by the very great response which I received in Canada and in the United States during these cenacles. Never before have they seen a participation in such great numbers, on the part of both priests and faithful.

Because of the generous response which I am receiving everywhere from my littlest children, I promise to intervene to save you in the hour of the great trial.

My maternal presence among you is the sure sign of protection and of salvation.

Open your hearts therefore to hope, and live in the greatest trust and in complete abandonment to my Immaculate Heart.

With your dear ones, and with the persons entrusted to you, I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."


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