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“Mexican Girl” – Messages 11-24

Updated: Mar 7

In this short, 12-minute video below are further messages given to the “Mexican Girl” (as I refer to this anonymous visionary so it fits on this website), but heaven has given her an official, long title: The Servant of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. These short messages are simple and yet profound and unique. In this video are Messages 11-24 of the 50 she has received. The messages in this video were received in 2017, when she was about five- or six-years-old; she could not be making these up since they are consistent with other contemporary private revelation. In 2024 she continues to be a consummate mystic, receiving all manner of mystical revelations. The Divine Will is an important theme in the messages and in this video, the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta appeared to her and gave her a message.

Check out this amazing video:


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