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Messages to Jennifer

July 22, 2021

4:00 p.m.

My child, the days have now become the hour in which a great many will stand before Me. A time when many will come to see what fear has brought them to. I have warned My children that I am not the God of fear, for I do not author such things. I am a God who speaks to the heart of My people and do not sow seeds of fear in their mind. I created each one of My children with the means necessary to live a mission on this earth, to be instruments of light and hope in this dark world. I have come to tell My children that the hour has come when you will say, “where is my brother? where is my sister?” The hour has come when you will desire to say the Chaplet of My Most Divine Mercy endlessly for the multitude that were not prepared to meet Me. Wake up, My children, for you are being deceived by the prince of darkness, the author of fear. You are being driven by a false promise. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit—not too be silenced, manipulated, or depleted of My Creation. This world is passing yet to many are being complacent. It is time to prepare your soul, for the hour has come when I will warn mankind that its ways are not pleasing to Me. What will you harvest, My children, when the fires surround you? What will you harvest, My children, when the floods wash away your vegetation? The harm of My little ones [through abortion] does not go without punishment. I have pleaded in love and mercy to turn away from sin, yet so many seek to alter My Creation, My Plan. The hour of reckoning has come upon this world, for the hand of justice can no longer be restrained. The truth will be shown to the world, for what has been silenced behind closed doors will be opened to the light. It is time to prepare and to warn those who have fallen asleep to the lies that they have fallen for. It is time to bind your rosaries and fall to your knees in humility, for I Am Jesus, and My mercy and Justice will prevail.

April 26, 2021

5:09 p.m.

My child, I say to My children: you are each a vessel of history. The very artery in which My blood flows to and from My Most Sacred Heart. I weep, My children; I weep for this lost and fractured world that has surrendered to the enemy. Darkness is covering this earth, for the chambers of hell are emptying out upon this earth. Love is lost in the midst of this darkness, and many are turning on their neighbor. I say to My Faithful to remain strong and vigilant in the truth, for those who walk with pride and haughty hearts because they have evaded justice in this life will find it in the next for their time of mercy has expired. Woe to those who have harmed My little ones. Woe to those who seek to render death when I Am the author of life and death. Where are My chosen sons? Where are My Priests to guide My children in the truth? Where are My Priests to tell the world that the road to hell is becoming gridlocked with souls who have fallen into Satan’s trap? I am being held prisoner from My People while the voice of the enemy echoes through the walls of My Church. How many have marked themselves with the blood of the innocent out of fear. How many have surrendered their faith and trust in Me for the false science of man instead of the Creator of the world, for I Am Jesus. Where does your faith reside? I tell you this: that when you see the remnants of My Church scattered throughout the world, be at peace because victory is coming, and the hour of My return is on the horizon. Now go forth, for I Am Jesus, and be at peace, for My Mercy and Justice will prevail.


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