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Messages from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi

December 1, 1973

First Saturday

The Spirit of Rebellion Against God

"Begin this new liturgical year with much prayer.

In my Heart you will find the safe refuge from the many troubles of the life of today.

Troubles, anguish and tribulation are bound to increase from day to day, because humanity, redeemed by my Son, is withdrawing ever more and more from God and transgressing his laws.

The Demon of Lust has contaminated everything. My poor children, how sick and stricken you are!

The Spirit of Rebellion against God has seduced humanity; atheism has entered into so many souls and has completely extinguished the light of faith and love.

This is the Red Dragon spoken of in the Bible. Read it, my sons, because the present times are those of its realization! How many of my children are already victims of this error of Satan!

Even among my priests how many there are who no longer believe; and yet, they still remain in my Church, true wolves in sheep's clothing, and they are bringing to ruin a countless number of souls!

Nothing can now hold back the hand of God's justice, which will soon be roused against Satan and his followers, as a result of the love, the prayer and the suffering of the elect.

Times of great indescribable tribulation are in preparation. If men only knew, perhaps they would repent!

But who has listened to my messages, who has understood the meaning of my tears, of my motherly requests? Almost no one, but a few unknown souls thanks to whom the chastisement has again been put off.

But this year will not end before a great sign is accomplished. Pray, pray, pray, O you souls chosen by me and prepared so maternally by me.

Above all, you, my priests: forsake vain and superfluous things. These are times of emergency; you must live only with me, in me, for me.

Be vigilant; be ready. Soon I will have need of you, because the time of my triumph has arrived."

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dongo (Comp, Italy); December 19, 1973

The Triumph of My Immaculate Heart

"This morning, my son, you came with your mother to my Shrine, before the image of Our Lady of the Tears, which you have always loved and venerated from your earliest childhood, to celebrate Holy Mass on the ninth anniversary of your priestly ordination.

This is a gift that I have wanted to give to you: your returning on this day with your mother, before me who has always looked upon you with eyes filled with special love, who have chosen you from your infancy and have always led you by the hand. Never have I abandoned you, even when my Adversary attacked you and snatched you from me, and was then sure of having conquered once for all.

Because of this you have had to suffer much; you have had to walk often in darkness and abandonment, almost despairing that I had heard your wails and your cries for help.

But all this was part of my great plan; you seem now to have some glimpse of it, and your heart is filled with joy. But that which is most beautiful, most important, my son, is yet to come.

I have chosen you and prepared you for the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world, and these are the years when I will bring my plan to completion.

It will be a cause of amazement even to the angels of God, a joy to the saints in heaven, a consolation and great comfort for all the just on earth, mercy and salvation for a great number of my straying children, a severe and definitive condemnation of Satan and his many followers.

In fact, at the very moment when Satan will be enthroned as lord of the world and will think himself now the sure victor, I myself will snatch the prey from his hands. In a trice he will find himself empty-handed, and in the end the victory will be exclusively my Son's and mine. This will be the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world.

If all the priests of my Movement only knew with what care they have been chosen and molded by me to prepare them for this great task!

Every detail of their life -- even the most insignificant -- has a precise and profound meaning. Therefore, let each one become accustomed to read with me in the stupendous book of their own existence.

I will give them the gift of wisdom of heart, and they will understand with me the reason for all that concerns them: the reason for much of their lack of understanding, the reason for their sufferings, the reason for those times when they were abandoned, and even the reason for their falls.

Oh, how many moments of darkness and of agony they must have had to experience in their lives, these beloved sons of mine!

But these have been for them necessary and fruitful moments: because I was thus able to take greater possession of them; because I could detach them from their way of seeing, from their way of feeling, from their easy attachment to things, to results, to goodness as such, to success, so that they would learn to be mine, to live only for me by carrying out my wishes.

I have wanted them to have, as it were, the impression that they were good for nothing, to be considered of little value. I have given them the great gift of humility of heart, of childlikeness of spirit, so that they might feel themselves as mine alone and thus lose their dependence and reliance on everything else but me alone.

Yet it will be with these poor children of mine, mocked and trampled on, that I will realize my great plan.

That is why each one must entrust himself totally to me at every moment. I will speak to them and tell them my desires.

Do not be afraid of the difficulties and the misunderstandings you will encounter along the way. I will always be with you, and you, in spite of everything, will always be joyous.

To win the battle that is approaching, I want to give you a weapon: prayer.

Forget everything else, and form the habit of using nothing but this weapon. The crucial times have come, and there is no longer any time for certain vain and superfluous things. There is no more time for useless discussions; there is no more time for chatter and projects: this is the time for prayer!

Priests of my Movement, offer yourselves to me so that I myself, in you and with you, may always pray and intercede with my Son for the salvation of the world.

I have need of you and of your prayer to realize the great plan of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart."


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