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Messages from Jesus to John Leary

July 3, 2023: (St. Thomas, our 58th Wedding Anniversary)

Jesus said: “My son, you saw an empty casket in the vision for Gloria (Terry’s sister), but she has moved up in purgatory with this Mass for her intention. You and your wife are celebrating your 58th Wedding Anniversary, and you both are doing better with your legs. You both have been faithful laborers in the field for Me in evangelizing people for twenty-eight years, and I promised your reward in My Era of Peace. Continue to be a good example for your children and grandchildren. Your kids look up to you for their spiritual faith.”

Jesus said: “My son, some people are concerned that computers and artificial intelligence could get out of hand and control your lives. This is also My concern, and it is why I keep repeating My suggestion to avoid artificial intelligence and the use of virtual reality. These electronic devices do not have a soul, so My human people are much more valuable to Me, because I created all of you in My Image. Satan uses these electronic distractions as addictions to take you away from Me. So keep focused on Me in your prayers and Masses. I love all of you, and I am warning you to stay away from addicting devices. Love of Me and love of neighbor should be your daily concern, and do not let the electronic devices control you.”

July 1, 2023: (St. Junipero Serra)

Jesus said: “My people, you read in the first reading from Genesis how I brought Isaac into the world, even though Sarah was beyond her childbearing years. It may be impossible in the world for Sarah to have a baby in her old age, but everything is possible for Me. Now My faithful are entering the end times, and I will separate My people at My refuges from the evil ones, who will not be allowed into My refuges without a cross on their foreheads. Then My faithful will be protected at My refuges from bombs and comets. I will also multiply your food, water, and fuels. Again, this may be impossible in the world, but all things are possible for Me. My faithful must have faith in Me to do these things, as I will have My angels protect you. You must have a strong faith like the faith of the Centurion who believed I could heal his servant from a distance. Have faith and trust in Me to bring My faithful into My Era of Peace, but I will do it because I have given My Word that this will happen, and it will be done.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have heard some rumors about a possible change of your paper money being converted over to a digital currency. It is disturbing if this will enable your government to track your purchases and control your life with social credits. You have not heard how quickly this will be implemented, but it could cause some violent protests. If this endangers your lives in any way, you may have to come to My refuges for your protection. Trust in Me to have My angels watch over you.”

June 29, 2023: (St. Peter & St. Paul)

Jesus said: “My people, today you are celebrating the feast of the two great saints of My Church in St. Peter and St. Paul. You remember how St. Peter denied Me three times in the courtyard, even when I passed by him. Then after My Resurrection at Galilee, I asked St. Peter if he loved Me three times. According to your scholars I asked St. Peter the first two times in agape, or an unconditional love, and the last time as philia or brotherly love. But St. Peter answered all three times with philia or brotherly love. Then I told him to feed My lambs. St. Paul was stopped on his way to Damascus when a great light blinded him, and he fell off his horse. I asked St. Paul why he was persecuting Me. Later, St. Paul was healed of his blindness, and he was converted to one of My great disciples, as he brought the Gentiles into My Church. Rejoice that you have been gifted with St. Peter, who became the first Pope. You have seen a succession of Popes who sat on the Chair of St. Peter in Rome. St. Paul also was a defender of My Church, especially with the Gentiles. Follow the teachings of these two great disciples of My Church.”

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: “My people, some Northern states are suffering from heavy smoke drifting down to you with the winds from Canada. Many outdoor activities have been cancelled, especially sports games. The smoke from the forest fires in Canada is a definite part of your polluted air, and it is causing a haze over some areas. This can be dangerous for people who have breathing difficulties, so they need to stay inside. Pray for your people that they are not adversely affected by the smoke from these fires.”

Jesus said: “My people, the smoke from these fires can affect your weather and it could make it cooler in some places. It can combine with water vapor to make a smog that could last for some time. There are some reports that these fires are out of control, so this smoke will continue during the summer. It would help if there were some attempts to get some water on these fires. Pray that these fires can burn out to stop the smoke from ruining your good air.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing many people who are crowding your airports, but the storms are causing power outages and delays in your airplane flights. Pray that the lightning does not cause any problems with your flights or driving to your destination. Some power outages may require removal of the tree limbs off the roads and the power lines. Pray your storm prayer to stop any serious damage to your homes. Pray and trust in My protection at your homes and even at My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, for many years colleges have been helping minorities get favored treatment over people with better grade point averages. Applications for college entry should be given a fair choice instead of quotas for minorities. This will be a big change to try and make the Supreme Court decision to stop Affirmative Action work at your colleges who have favored more minorities that have poorer grade averages. You will see some strong reaction to this court decision.”

Jesus said: “My people, when your government spends much more money than they collect in taxes, there is a problem with your deficits, as well as an effect on inflation. It is this overspending of the Democrats that has caused an increase in inflation. It is your workers who have to pay higher prices for necessities, but their wages are not increasing as much as the rate of inflation. This is why families need more jobs to make up for this difference between price increases and wage increases. Pray for families to be able to buy what is needed.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are fewer homes for sale at a reasonable price. Some people have to bid as much as a hundred thousand dollars over the offering price to get a price accepted. There are also thousands of dollars charged for closing costs, as well as higher interest rates. This leaves many families incapable of affording their dream home. Pray that these expenses can come down so young families can afford to buy a home.”

Jesus said: “My people, the Ukraine war has killed thousands of soldiers and civilians, as well as there has been great damage to the cities in Ukraine. Several countries are donating military equipment to help Ukraine fight Russia’s invasion. This country of Ukraine was full of corruption, and it is sometimes hard to support billions of dollars in weapons for a corrupt government. Your country cannot afford a continual drain on your money to pay for these military expenses; at some point it is better to support your own military than drain all of your own military munitions – pray to stop such an ongoing war with no let up.”


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