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Messages from Jesus and Pope Benedict to Manuela Strack

[Official Translations]

Epiphany, January 6, 2023

I see the deceased Pope Benedict XVI. He is surrounded by a bright light. He wears a white papal robe and has a white pileolus on his head. He blesses and says:

“Tell all friends of the Infant Jesus, who are also my friends, that I am with the Lord. The Lord is my heavenly home. I pray for the Catholic Church. Please pray very much for the Catholic Church.”


Appearance of the King of Mercy on December 28, 2022

I see the merciful Infant Jesus in the form of Prague in the cloak and robe of His Precious Blood. The King of Mercy carries a large golden scepter in His right hand. The Lord lays His right hand on His open red/golden inwrought Heart. It's very radiant. Several rosaries protrude between His Heart and His hand. I see a regular rosary cord, the rosary of the Precious Blood, the small Prague rosary of the Infant Jesus, and the rosary of the Bride of the Holy Spirit. The heavenly King holds these tight to His Heart and speaks:

“In the name of the Father and of the Son—that is Me—and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Look at Me! I am your savior. I want to save you. Today, on this Day of the Holy Innocents, I am telling you how to save your countries from falling into war, misery and chaos. Look at Me! Look at My Heart! Wake up! Pray these beads of grace daily. Through the Rosary prayer of many praying hearts, you will save your countries and the people who live in them. Perform the consecration of your countries. Consecrate these to My most holy Mother and to Me, to My Sacred Heart, which is filled with My Precious Blood. I will give you graces from heaven.

There should be an awakening in Germany and many other countries so that sin does not get the upper hand. It is up to you, dear souls, how hard or how mild the judgment will hit you. Unite in prayer from your hearts. Pray for reparation for the grave sin of abortion before the Eternal Father. I am with you. Take My words seriously! Adieu!”

The King of Mercy blesses with His scepter and disappears. So do the angels.




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